10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Little black dress

This one is an absolute must-have – every woman that already has a little black dress in her closet knows how much it is really worthy. It’s a perfect outfit for almost every night-time event – a party with your colleagues? No problem. Going on a romantic date or having a night out with your girlfriends? A little black dress will definitely save you from the “I have nothing to wear” part of getting ready. But, when you’re picking it out, try to find something that follows your body shape, not too tight and not too wide – something you feel comfortable in. After all, you’re going to put it on in many different occasions, so make sure you feel good wearing it.

Classical white shirt

white woman shirtA classical white shirt is a real time-saver, because it goes great with any other clothing item. Remember just how many times you slept over your morning alarm and arrived really late for work because you needed some extra time to get ready. The next time this happens, you’ll be prepared, because you’ll have your new best friend on your side – a plain white shirt. When picking it out, make sure that it’s not see-through and that the cleavage isn’t too deep, so you can wear it in every occasion.


A comfy pair of flats is an absolute necessity. Why should you torture yourself by wearing high heels during daytime when you can feel free to move and be spontaneous? Start collecting them – first get one of those in a neutral color, so you can combine them with any outfit, and later on you can buy something more colorful and eccentric.


Most women think that swimsuits are so revealing that it doesn’t matter which one you choose if you’re not happy with your looks in general. This is a common mistake, and you shouldn’t stop yourself from feeling some sun on your skin just because you don’t like the way you look in a bikini. Let me tell you a little secret – that’s not the only model available out there. You should pick out a swimsuit depending on the type of your body and you will feel fabulous while wearing it (you can find out how to do that here).

women in swim suit

Deep waist skirt

This is another classical item that fits any body type. The only tricky part is picking out the right length. There are a few factors you should take into consideration here. First, you need to tend to look appropriate to your age, so you shouldn’t always go with something that’s classified as “mini”. If you are still in your early 20s, you should feel more than comfortable wearing deep mini-skirts, but be aware of the surroundings – a night out with the girls is completely suitable, but you shouldn’t wear it to work. A knee-length skirt will do the trick for any occasion.

dress closet

Fashion statement jewelry

Wearing the right kind of accessories completes the way you look, because it gives a kind of personal touch to your style. Every woman, who is a fashion enthusiast, knows that wearing modern jewelry is actually a fashion statement, which implies a certain status. Fortunately for women everywhere, getting the right jewelry isn’t that much of a problem. If you’re not into eccentric colors and shapes, you can always go with something classical, like pearls – they can never go out of style.

pearl necklase

Trench coat

No matter if you’re more into flats or heels, a trench coat is a perfect addition to any outfit. The first trench coat I got was in beige, but now, I never miss a chance to buy them in vivid colors. If you don’t already own one, you should definitely get it – they’re worth every penny.

Slimming pair of jeans

When buying jeans, you should be aware of which particular type suits your body best. It’s important to constantly try on new models in order to find the perfect one. A pair of flat jeans with a low waist work for most body types, but women with curves look much better in those jeans with a deep waist.

High heels

high heelsYou don’t exactly need to be a fan in order to own a pair of high heels, because in some occasions, be sure that you’re going to need them. A not so often occasion, like a wedding or an important birthday, simply implies the dress code. It’s not a big deal if you decide not to wear them, but you should at least give it a chance. A lot of women feel confident and feminine wearing them – there must be a good reason for that.

Work out outfit

If you want your clothes to look good on you, you need to be fit and healthy. You’ll get the best workout results if you feel good in your outfit. You don’t have to look fabulous, it’s enough to be comfortable in what you are wearing. So, get yourself a quality pair of sneakers, a wide shirt and an old pair of sweatpants, and you’re ready to go!

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