4 Fun and Exciting Things to Do with Your Kids in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place to visit if you are planning to take your whole family on a vacation. Besides magnificent structures and delicious cuisine, there are many lovely arranged open spaces where you can take your whole family. You don’t have to worry about getting around with your children by your side, since the transportation system in this city is perfectly designed.

Something else that may encourage you to plan your visit to this Mediterranean jewel are the locals’ habits. It seems that Barcelonans don’t worry too much about when or where they are taking their children with them. You can see many local families dining with their little ones in local restaurants during late hours.

Going together on vacation will enable you to bond more as a family, and it will provide a unique opportunity to separate your children from smartphones and tablets. We have put together this list of fun and exciting activities you can do with your children, while you are staying in Barcelona.

Visit the Fascinating La Rambla

La Rambla Family VacationLa Rambla is more than 1-kilometer-long and you will not be able to miss it during your stay in this city. There are many spectacles going on here. Make sure to keep an eye on you children when you are walking this tree-line pedestrian boulevard, because there are many breathtaking mini shows that can easily draw a child’s attention, and there is always a big crowd of people no matter the time of day. One thing is certain, all members of your family will be entertained, because there is something for everyone. You will see flamenco dancers, fire eaters, dozens of human statues and three-cups-and-a-ball tricksters.

Another great thing is that, while you are walking along La Rambla, you will be able to see some of the landmark buildings, such as Gran Teatre del Liceu – the greatest theatre in these parts, the magnificent Boqueria Market and the Palau de la Virreina. At the end of the boulevard, where it meets the sea, you can take a lift to the top of Mirador de Colom, where you and your children can see the stunning panoramic view of the city and the local port.

Take a Stroll in the Park Guell

Park Guell Family ExperienceOne word of advice: there is a very steep incline if you decide to start your visit by entering the official entrance of this park, and if you want to avoid it and enjoy it from a downhill perspective, you can take the metro to Vallcarca and use the escalators to get up to the back of Park Guell.

This park is unique because it represents one of Gaudi’s magical creations. When they walk through it, your kids will think that they are seeing landscapes they have only heard of before in fairytales. After you see Hansel and Gretel’s houses, and many ornamental dragons, you can use some of the leafy plazas to recharge your batteries. You should not miss the opportunity to take a path that leads to Sala Hipostila, the Doric Temple. Both you and your little ones will enjoy the fascinating forest with many stone columns that resemble trees that have been bent by the weight of time.

Take your Youngsters to the Water World

Barcelona Water WorldL’Aquarium de Barcelona remains one of the most visited tourist attractions in this city. It features hundreds of different species from all around the globe. The diversity and number of attractions it offers to visitors is what makes it a place everyone loves returning to.

The most popular attraction that especially attracts families with children is the Oceanarium. This stands for an eighty meter long tunnel that leads through and under the aquarium’s massive collection of Mediterranean sea life. These surroundings invoke a feeling of being immersed deep in the ocean. You will be able to see many sharks, sting rays, eels and colorful tropical fish. During this visit, your children will have the opportunity to hear information about all of the species that can be seen as you cross the tunnel.

Another attraction that your children will adore is the tropical aquarium. They will be able to see schools of beautifully colored fish swim around the many coral reefs. The aquarium dedicated just for sharks that inhabit only tropical climates is also a children’s favorite. Make sure you don’t miss the “Fantastic Creatures under the Sea” aquarium, because it contains some of the strangest species known to man.

And, don’t miss the Humboldt penguins. Your children will love them!

Consider a Family Picnic on the Beach

Family Picnic in BarcelonaThe local beaches are pretty good. You should really consider taking your family to any of them. It will be relaxing; children will have the opportunity to play in the sand and you can enjoy a nice glass of wine with your beloved.

The Barceloneta beach is very suitable for family visits. There are many services on the beach. You can get an umbrella to protect yourself and your little ones from the sun, and your children will love the specially designed games area and ice cream from one of the many ice cream kiosks. During your stay, you should feel relaxed because many safety precautions are present, and also, there are many lifeguards making sure nothing bad happens.

The Olympic Village beaches are also a great place to relax. They are also child-friendly, with many playgrounds and spider web climbing structures.


These are just some of the opportunities this city offers to visiting families. In case you don’t have the time or if you don’t know how to plan this type of trip by yourself, don’t worry; there are some tourist agencies that have arrangements specially designed to meet the needs of visiting families.

Feel free to go online and read about other ways you and your family can explore and experience this city. Take your time and go through reviews of people that have already been in the city with their youngsters. You can learn a lot from their experiences and maybe catch a piece of advice or two.

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