5 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Brand and Establish Credible Identity

Brand promotion is a truly demanding task, especially for operations with budget limitations who cannot afford TV commercials or investing in the production of viral videos. Luckily, impactful marketing tactics have made a transition from monologue to dialog.

In other words, interaction with potential users has way more prospects for conversion than, let’s say, relying on billboards and brochures.  So, if you play your cards right, you can end up with a quality brand promotion campaign without spending a fortune; after all, it is the effort that counts. Here are 5 great ways to promote your brand and create a memorable brand identity.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Let us kick things off with an example of out-of-the-box thinking. The following examples need to inspire you to come up with tactics on your own, as their execution varies depending on your line of work. You can follow the link from Forbes above to get inspiration, and here, we will go over one of the ways how their suggestions can be implemented.

Some things never change, and powerful marketing tactics can preserver and be utilized for years to come. One of the best ways of acquiring new users is still word of mouth marketing, and the best thing about it is, of course, no costs whatsoever.

Today, we have the means to fully utilize this approach to marketing thanks to social media platforms. The key thing to remember is that this must be done in a subtle way, and that you need to encourage users to share your content, but not to come off as purposely promoting your brand. It is kind of difficult to explain how you need to do this, but I can give you an example of how the HBO network tackled this issue.

During one event that was primarily aimed at tech savvy people and gamers, HBO representatives brought a replica of an Iron Throne, from the famous TV show “Game of Thrones” and visitors could sit down and take a picture. Behind the throne, there was a cardboard screen with HBO’s promotional message, logo, etc. So, people who took a picture immediately shared it online, and if they used particular hashtags, HBO would give them vouchers for a free HBO-GO service, since the whole campaign was aimed at promoting this feature.

The point is that sharing the picture also meant displaying what was in the background, which was HBO’s brand message, and people who were in a hurry to upload their cool new image didn’t crop it out. Moreover, adding an HBO hashtag in that situation doesn’t look forced, as it is the network that airs the show. So, they basically turned all visitors into brand ambassadors, and since images started popping up all over social media, they successfully generated a localized online hype.

Social media marketing

If you want to make bold moves like the one that was mentioned, you need to have some sort of brand identity to being with, and the best way to do this is to rely on social media marketing to make your brand awareness more widespread. Considering how there are different networks that can promote your business, it would be wise to focus on those that can support your brand image right from the get go. Facebook can be a great platform for promotion for just about any line of work, so definitely go with that one.

If you are a B2B company, then a good platform for generating potential leads, as well as for increasing your brand awareness, would be LinkedIn. If your brand heavily relies on images because you are in a clothing or retail business, then Instagram will work out for you perfectly. If your target audience is women, because you are selling jewellery for example, then you should probably treat Pinterest as your primary focus.

Basically, all you need to do is take a page from the book of your peers, and see how brands in your niche promote their message on different networks, and where they have the most success. Remember to engage with users, since this interaction is what truly counts when it comes to generating leads.

Impactful presentations

When interacting with potential customer, you can go an extra mile and leave a memorable first impression. The key here is to stand out of the crowd and not to approach the presentation with generic material. So, you need promotional materials that correspond to your brand identity and you need to use them during your sales pitches or business presentations.

You can leave a good impression by having well designed business cards that are not simply your phone and address written on a piece of paper. By relying on creative designs, you will not only leave a good impression, but also recipients will be more likely to keep the card and not just discard it. You can find some creative business card designs in this boredpanda blog post.

Another thing that can also be utilized for delivering a more impressive presentation during a sales pitch is a custom made binder for catalogues. Again, you have an opportunity to shine without spending too much, and yet a potential client will surely find it stylish and memorable. You can find some good examples of cool binder designs here, and see how you can adapt the idea to serve your brand goals.

Branding through storytelling

If you want to build a reputable brand name, you can tap into the art of storytelling to convey the ideals you want your brand to represent. You can build credibility by demonstrating how your company managed to overcome many challenges during its start-up phase for example. Your employees can also be storytellers and share their experiences and their feelings regarding the company, since it is always good to add a human face to the organization.

These stories can be told using live-stream sessions, Q&A videos, webinars interviews, etc. Basically, you allow people to get to know you as an owner or a company member, and throughout these stories, they can form attachments and a more positive attitude towards your brand.

Furthermore, by allowing them to ask you questions or by inquiring about their opinions, they will feel more included and appreciate your product even more.

This is definitely the way to go, since even strong corporations do not shy away from this approach; users need to know that you respect them, and this is the best way of showing it.


Lastly, it is better to acknowledge blogging as a core component of your digital marketing right from the start, and use it to promote your brand name. Through blogging, you can increase traffic on your website, which is in many cases more than a simple platform. It is also a store that sells your products or services. Blogging can have a significant and positive impact on how your site ranks, and how people will discover you in the first place.

By sharing content from your blog on social media, you can bring more people to your online platform, provided you will create content that reflects the needs or picks the interests of your target audience. With the right use of keywords, you increase search engine visibility, and acquire more potential users in a completely natural way. Moreover, by generating quality content, it will be far easier to get featured in another post by an influencer who generates content in a relevant niche.

To sum up, interacting with users is a great and efficient way to generate loyal customers, and even though it is not expensive, it requires you to be active on all fronts and make consistent endeavours to leave a good impression. You can use the methods described above, as they are just some of the most effective tactics that are currently widely implemented. Remember to follow the links as well, to get a more detailed description for each of these techniques, and to adapt them to your brand promotion strategy as best as possible.

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