5 Electrical Upgrades That Can Save You Money

Every homeowner wants to save money. Owning a home is expensive, and the more ways you can find to reduce your monthly bills, the better off you’ll be. But how to go about finding those money-saving methods? One great way is by examining the electrical systems and components in your home.

If your home is a little on the older side, chances are it could use some technological and electrical upgrades. By making these upgrades to your electrical system, you can save money each month. Here are a few ways to get started.

Install Smart Outlets

First up, you could install smart outlets within your home. Smart outlets allow you to control the devices plugged into them by remote, through your smart phone, or on a timer. Appliances that are continuously plugged in draw electricity, and thus drive up your bill, even when you are not using them. A smart outlet makes it easier to manage these devices, essentially unplugging them when you are not around.

They also add a level of convenience – imagine turning on your coffee maker from bed in the morning – making it a great investment. Fooling around with outlets is always a little dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so this type of job may be better off left to a professional.

Use A Smart Thermostat

Just like a smart outlet, a smart thermostat makes it easier to control the temperature within your home. It can be programmed to adjust the heat or air conditioning based on the time of day or, in some cases, you can control them from your smart phone. Imagine the money you could save if your home’s heating and air conditioning use was more efficient. Smart thermostats are pretty easy to install, and will hook up to most existing home setups.

LED Bulbs

The incandescent light bulbs used for years are now considered inefficient. LED bulbs are much better, providing you with just as much light without generating heat. They use a lot less electricity as well, meaning that you don’t have to spend as much each month on your electric bill in order to light up your home. If you can change a light bulb, you can do this job yourself, so you don’t have to worry about consulting an electrician.

Install Solar Panels

A great way to make your home more efficient is through the use of solar panels. Solar panels are powered by the sun, so you don’t have to spend money on gas or oil. Not every home is right for solar panels however – you’ll need a large flat roof that faces the sun for a large portion of the day. If your home is a good candidate, you may find that switching to solar panel provides you with long-term savings benefits.

Change Your Outdoor Lights

Finally, many homes have lights outside, as well as inside. You don’t want these lights running all night, as that would be a waste of energy. By placing your outside lights on a timer, or by having them use a motion detector, you can have them switch off when not in use.

This will cut back on electricity costs, and save you from having to buy bulbs more often. Depending on the size of this job – such as how many lights you have, and how you want to control them – you may need to call in an electrician to ensure the system runs properly.

When You Want To Cut Costs, Start With Your Electricity

Your home’s electrical system is a great place to start when you’re looking for savings. There are a lot of small things you can do that add up over time, and for many of them you don’t need an electrician. For those large jobs that you do need help on, consider calling a licensed electrician in your area to handle the installations.

If you are in the Kansas City or Overland Park, KS area and want to update your home’s wiring, electrical panel, outlets, outdoor lighting or any of the other features mentioned above, contact Fusion Electric. They are professional commercial and residential electricians that provide these services every day.

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