6 Signs That You Are Not Taking Good Care of Your Personal Hygiene

Even with all the products available nowadays and people using different methods to suggest that everyone should take good care of their personal hygiene, some still fail to acknowledge the importance of this issue. Not only that this will affect your appearance, but it can also affect your health, social acceptance and your chances of finding and keeping a job. So, don’t miss these signs showing that you are not doing it right.

Problematic Skin


Having problematic skin isn’t necessarily caused by lack of personal hygiene, but your condition can worsen if you are troubled with this and still neglect your skin. No matter if your skin is oily, acne-prone or full of black and white heads – you need to find the best way to maintain it clean if you want to get rid of these. The best way to do this is to use tonics, scrubs and creams that will remove excess oil, at least from the surface, which will prevent your skin from getting infected. Keep in mind that this is something you should do on a daily basis, and if your skin is severely problematic, even a couple of times a day.

Smelly Feet

stinky shoes

Smelly feet are a common problem nowadays, especially for those people who spend the whole day in their shoes working, exercising, etc. But, this doesn’t mean that you should be ok with it and accept it as a part of your life. This only means that you should use some other methods that will keep the unpleasant smell away. Always wear clean socks on your feet when wearing shoes and use sprays that will keep your feet fresh. If you have the opportunity, wash your feet at least twice or three times a day.

Greasy Hair

Greasy Hair

Long or short, curly or straight – every type of hair gets greasy and messy approximately after 4 days. People who have problems such as dandruff and greasiness, should simply wash their hair more often. Forget about the myth that washing your hair a few days later than you actually should will make your hair excrete less oil – this is not completely true. You should use products that will help you solve this problem. Do not avoid taking a bath.

Body Odor

body smell

Every person smells and sweats differently, and regardless, you should take showers regularly and wear clean clothes. Nobody likes being surrounded by someone who doesn’t care about personal hygiene, and if you want to avoid being mocked and being avoided, then hit the shower every morning. An unpleasant smell can cause different problems in your life. Even if you think that it is “not that important”, you can lose your job or your life partner, but most importantly, you can even catch a disease.

Canker Sores


Nobody knows exactly what causes these painful sores in our mouths, but one thing’s for sure, if you touch your mouth with dirty hands or bite your nails, there is a chance that you will end up having canker sores. Also, wash your hands before eating anything in order to avoid bringing harmful bacteria into your organism. Even if you think that your hands are sterilized, just remember how many things (such as door locks, money, etc.) you’ve touched in the last half an hour and you will realize why health experts recommend that we should wash our hands more often.

Bad Breath

bad luck

Bad oral hygiene won’t only cause tooth decay and toothache – there are other things, such as bad breath, showing that you are not taking good care of your teeth. Forming bad habits as these won’t really benefit you in the future, as your teeth are not going to be healthy and good looking forever. Brushing regularly, with proper equipment and products, as well as visiting your dentist at least once in six months will save your teeth and save you the embarrassment.

These are just some basic suggestions and tips on how to take better care of your personal hygiene, and remember, the point of this is not to become obsessed with hygiene, just to be aware how important it is.

Vladimir Zivanovic
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