6 Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Team building games and retreats are something that inspires teamwork and collaboration. Every serious business venture includes this type of activity in their business plan. This method shows immediate results, because it helps people see each other in a different light and foster genuine connections that feel more natural than ones developed in the business ecosystem.

If you have ever wondered where to take your employees and organize team building events, Barcelona might just be the place for you. Besides its magnificent architecture you and your employees can enjoy while visiting, this magical metropolis offers many opportunities for team building.

You can improve team coherence and open lines of communication by participating in a diversity of activities ranging from the adventurous ones to the ones that require creativity to be completed. There are companies in Barcelona that can offer these specific types of team building services.

Here are only few of the possibilities Barcelona offers, should you decide to bring your staff to this town.

Engage your Staff in the “Barcelona Olympics”

It didn’t take long for someone to recognize the potential of this city when it comes to team building programs. You can have your staff participate in The Barcelona Olympics. Your employees will be divided into teams and they’ll play bubble football, compete in long jumps, relay tennis and tug of war. In order to get more out of each team building event, you can add more variety by participating in traditional team building games such as Water Pipe and Giant Jenga. These games will help your staff to learn how to communicate better, and plan each step in order to work towards the same goals.

Bubble football is a very fun game that many companies enlist as a must-do team building activity. During the game, each team member wears a large bubble that makes movement a bit harder. Your team members will have fun knocking each other down while bumping into each other.

Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt In Barcelona

This game develops cooperation and organizational skills. It is a great way of getting to see the city and have fun, while at the same time participating in the team building activity. A treasure hunt encourages participants to display knowledge and personal opinions, thus helping staff members get to know each other better.

In order to find the hidden treasure, participants have to know the most famous buildings and squares in the city, they should know how to use a map and, a bit of Spanish. All these activities inspire a problem-solving mindset, preparing your staff them for some real challenges when you go back to the office.

Paella Challenge

This is an awesome game that can help your employees build up self-esteem, become more creative and communicative, and become open for sincere criticism and objections. The objective of the Paella challenge is to produce some of the most popular Spanish dishes in a competitive environment.

Your staff will have to cooperate and work together in a dynamic surrounding with a language barrier as one of the obstacles. Participants will have to go and shop for ingredients on their own. The shopping is done in the famous La Boqueria market. You can expect that this task will put your team’s communication skills to a serious test.

At the end of the challenge, the prepared dishes will be judged by the following criteria: taste, the presentation and the organization of whole dish creation process. This way, your employees will have a chance to learn how to deal with losing, how to identify mistakes, and what can be done to prevent them from happening in the future. After everything settles down, all can enjoy tasty food and drinks in a much more informal atmosphere.

Flamenco Workshop

Flamenco is an old Spanish art form. It consists of dancing, hand clapping, singing and guitar playing. By participating in this activity, your team will be able to experience this great tradition in Barcelona. The goal is to learn some of the basic flamenco dance moves. While practicing together, your staff members will have a chance to overcome any barriers or boundaries set between them.

Dragon Boating

Dragon Boat Team Building in Barcelona

This water sport is very entertaining. It will have a great impact on your staff’s teamwork and collaboration. It is not restricted to people who don’t have experience in rowing. What makes this activity interesting is the drummer, who is a standard part of the crew. With his beats, he controls the rhythm of the rowing. In order to win, a team has to be effective and very well organized.

Regatta Sailing

It would be a shame to visit this Mediterranean city and miss the chance to build some team spirit. Sailing a regatta also requires fast and accurate decision making while working under pressure. In order to be successful in this task, your crew will also have to find an efficient way to communicate in this specific environment.

Regatta sailing is a thrilling and dynamic challenge that will create strong bonds among your employees. On top of that, while you are sailing, you will get a chance to enjoy dreamlike views of Barcelona’s panorama and coast line.

As you can see, Barcelona is not just a sightseeing tourist attraction. This beautiful city offers an abundance of possibilities to its visitors. In case you want to explore other ideas and opportunities for your team building retreat, feel free to look things up on the internet. There are many companies that have already done their team building in Barcelona.

If you want to be absolutely sure about it, should you visit this Spanish jewel, try to look for those companies and see from their experience if it was worthwhile.

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