8 Common Reasons Why you Need Locksmith Help

Not many of us think to have the details of a locksmith on hand in case we ever need their help. We might know exactly who to call for health issues or problems with our home’s utilities, but might find ourselves at a loss when it comes to finding a local locksmith we can count on. Here are eight of the most common reasons locksmiths are called upon for help – make sure to have a locksmith in mind in case you ever end up in one of these situations!

1. Lost Key

Imagine coming home from a long day, eager to head inside to unwind. After fumbling through your bag, however, you soon realize that you’ve lost your key, or possibly even had it stolen. The situation is made far worse if you’ve returned home at an odd hour, or have dependents like children, pets or an elderly parent inside the house waiting for you.

They can quickly come to your rescue, getting you back inside your home and re-keying the lock so that you can restore your sense of security. If you suspect your key has been stolen, this will also prevent the thief from gaining access to your house.

2. Faulty Lock

Locks can endure wear and tear over the years, meaning you might find that your lock is suddenly not opening or closing properly. Whether you’re locked in or out, they will have the key to your problem.

3. Broken Key

If used roughly or in a hurry, a key can actually break off inside your lock. A locksmith will be able to remove the broken key and even make a new key for you if needed.

4. Spare Key

It’s highly recommended that everyone has a spare key for their home and car, so that you always have a backup on you. You might also need a spare key because someone new has moved into your home, or your teenage children are now old enough to need their own keys. He will be able to quickly cut new keys for you to ensure you always have a spare, or that your entire household has their own key.

5. Accidental Lockout

Lockouts are one of the most common reasons for calling a locksmith, and is something that can happen to all of us when we’re busy and flustered. If you’ve locked your key inside your home or car, it can derail your entire day.

Maybe you have a flight to catch, an important meeting to attend or need to pick your kids up from school, but are unable to get anywhere because of your predicament. A mobile locksmith will promptly come to your location and get you back into the safety and comfort of your home or car, so that you can carry on with your day.

6. Moving into a New Home

This is a situation that many of us don’t think of, but is actually a crucial time to call them for help. When you move into a new home, you have no way of knowing if the previous tenants or owners still have a set of keys. A locksmith can re-key the locks, so that no one will have access to your home except you, providing complete peace of mind.

7. Installing a Security System

Locksmiths are not just there for fixing problems: they can also help you prevent security breaches by enhancing the security measures you have in place around the home. Whether you want heavy duty locks, locks for your windows and garage, CCTV cameras or an alarm, a company can install the relevant security system to ensure the safety of your family.

This is particularly important if you live in an area where your neighbors have been affected by burglary or if your home has been vandalized in the past.

8. After a Break-In

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, they will be able to restore security to your home. This includes fixing damaged locks and installing new security systems to minimize your chance of being targeted again. If you suspect that burglars may have gotten their hands on a spare key or found out how to pick your lock, it’s also a great idea to change your locks to prevent the same thing from happening again.

All the above situations are very common, with locksmiths being called out to these jobs on a daily basis. Keep the contact details of a reputable local locksmith on hand in case you find yourself in any of the above situations to ensure the problem is solved quickly.

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