Ana Vucic

Creative Writer


 Niš, Serbia

 [email protected]

 March 15, 1989


About Ana


Ana Vucic is a creative writer here at MyCity-Web with a degree in English language and literature. When she is not reading the latest Game of Thrones book, she is actively looking for an inspiration for writing in her favourite music. She loves travelling and exploring new cultures, and wants to visit the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand, where she hopes to meet Peter Jackson.

Ana’s Blog Posts

After the long cold winter, spring has finally come knocking on our doors once again and we couldn’t be more excited to feel the warm sun on our skin and smell the enchanting scent of flowers in the air. On the other hand, the time......

Valentine’s Day really does bring a bit of magic into our everyday lives and you can literally feel love in the air on this special day. After all, it is a day for celebrating love, and every single person in the world, whether they are......

Very soon, the year 2016 will be over, and since it was not a year anybody wants to remember, you should begin with a fresh and more positive start. This is a perfect opportunity for you to surprise your partner, and give them something romantic......

The cosmopolitan Catalan capital of Spain is one of the most wonderful cities in the world, rich with breathtaking art and spectacular architecture. The city’s medieval roots, best seen in the fascinating Gothic Quarter, and the Modernist architecture by the outstanding Antoni Gaudí attract millions......

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