Barcelona The Perfect Place for Freelancers Around the World

As you become a well-established online freelancer, a lot of new options start opening up for you. Freelancing offers an incredible amount of independence, meaning that you can choose to move to any place on the planet and still continue working on your ongoing projects and earning money.

An abundance of freelancers are choosing to move to and work from this city, as it is the perfect setting for freelancers who want to forget about the traditional nine to five jobs and enjoy life. Even though the list of legal obligations is quite long, once you are through with it, there are plenty of reasons why you are going to love being a freelancer in Barcelona.

Opening more doors for your career

career-options-in-barcelonaBeing a successful freelancer opens up a lot of doors in the online world. However, some businesses require communication in person. If you are looking for a full-time workplace, while simultaneously working on your freelancing career, Barcelona is just perfect. There are numerous companies headquartered in this lovely city and a lot of companies have their branch offices set up here, as well.

Additionally, Barcelona and nearby Madrid have a strong and growing startup scene, where a lot of companies emerge every single year. Joining one of these startup teams can be the perfect step for the future of your career. If you are looking for a way to diversify your career, moving to Barcelona as a freelancer is the right step to take.

Variety of options for working space

work-space-in-barcelonaStaying in your home during all those working hours can be quite challenging, as it can become incredibly tedious over a long period of time. This can seriously make you become demotivated, especially if you need creativity for your work. Barcelona is perfect for finding motivation for your freelancing projects.

As the startup scene is picking up, there are plenty of co-working offices that will not only keep you motivated, but also let you familiarize yourself with other people and the projects they are working on. Meeting new people is very important in every business, and co-working spaces are a perfect place to do that. These are some of the best coworking spaces you can find in Barcelona:

  • Welance Barcelona – Welance was originally created in Berlin. Over the years, the founders have decided to expand to Barcelona, offering a modern look with captivating mosaic floors. In the 200 square meter space, there are several private rooms for 1 to 3 people. A wonderful place that is going to help you stay motivated with your freelancing projects.
  • Felisa CoWork – This co-working space is perfect if you want to bring out your creativity. The atmosphere is very inviting and it will easily let you immerse yourself in your obligations without any distractions. There are plenty of people who are willing to share their experiences with you, so if you like exchanging experiences with other colleagues, this co-working space should definitely be on your list.
  • Talent Garden Barcelona – This is a lovely coworking space that offers an amazing view of downtown Barcelona. It is a perfect location for a brainstorming session. The founders have a lot of experience in their field, as they have a network of international co-working spaces. So, expect a professional, yet inviting atmosphere in their offices. This is going to help you easily achieve your business tasks.
  • Espai Born – If you are involved in any line of work that requires a lot of creativity, this co-working space will provide you with people who enjoy sharing, motivating and brainstorming. Chatting and exchanging ideas and knowledge are all activities that many freelancers love doing, and if you belong to this group, this is an awesome co-working space for you.
  • Betahaus Barcelona – If you are looking for a space that is going to let you enter a family-like atmosphere, then this is the perfect choice for you. Expect open and communicative people who are always going to give you a helping hand. The community is very strong here and, before you join it, you will have to go through an interview process. Working in a family-like atmosphere is great and it will make you feel much more motivated.

These are only some of the co-working places that you can find in Barcelona, as there are numerous others which you can easily find with a little bit of online research.

Lovely surroundings

beautiful-barcelona-environmentBesides the vast choice of co-working spaces, Barcelona is a city with an incredibly positive atmosphere, especially when you take into account that tens of millions of tourists pass through it every single year. The spirit of the locals is enough to keep your day interesting, not to mention the architecture and the variety of culturally significant sites that you can visit.

The atmosphere is so inviting that you can even choose to work on your freelancing projects in a local café if you like. On top of all of this, you are only minutes away from the beach, which is going to help you cool off during the hot summer months.

Plenty of activities to do

Another thing that makes Barcelona the perfect location for freelancers is the fact that there are countless events that you can witness. The amount of tourists has motivated the locals and foreigners to create an inviting atmosphere with many different activities. Additionally, there are numerous well-known sights that will take months to visit, not to mention the attractions off the beaten path . So, if you are looking for a city that will motivate you to constantly move, Barcelona is the perfect location for you.

These are some of the best reasons why you should consider Barcelona as an established freelancer. If you are looking for a town that is always teeming with people, Barcelona should be on top of your list.

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