Benefits of Building a Home in the Country

The exorbitant cost of land and property in urban areas is driving many Australians to regional or rural areas. With cheap land aplenty, rural areas are ideal for building your own custom home, making these areas popular for everyone from young families looking to create a home to property investors hunting for a bargain that will pay generous returns.

If you have been looking to settle down into a home of your own but have found it too difficult to keep up with the rat race in the city, consider buying land and building your own home in a rural or regional area, beginning with looking at a rural building company’s display homes.

As mentioned, land is cheap and generous, meaning that you can live on a large block with enough room for a backyard, pool and other traditional aspects of the Australian lifestyle that have now become luxuries in urban areas.

You also have room for other activities, being able to accommodate pets or livestock, boats, caravans and more!  The plentiful land you have access to also allows you to improve your self-sufficiency, enabling you to grow fruits and vegetables, raise chooks and more. In the country, your lifestyle and hobbies are not limited.

Not only do you have room for all of life’s little luxuries, but you are also able to live in the environment you most desire. This could be on the beach with a waterfront view or nestled in the woods – rural living allows you outside the confines of urban boundaries! After all, part of the joy of building a custom home is integrating it with the natural surroundings, which you get to fully explore in a rural setting.

Having such a significant amount of room allows you to customize your property, adding all the mod-cons you desire as well as bushfire-resistant elements and energy-efficient features. Many homes in regional areas were built decades ago, so opting for a custom-built property is also smarter in this regard, as you can be sure the property has been built to last.

When it comes to actually building your property, the rural surroundings also bring a host of other benefits. For one, there are generally fewer building restrictions, giving you far more freedom and presenting less obstacles to your progress.

Additionally, it is often easier for heavy-duty vehicles to get onsite, unlike narrow city streets where vehicles often can’t gain access. This allows for the right laborers to reach your site and work in an efficient manner, while also not having to worry about noise restrictions or disturbing neighbors.

The lower cost of living in rural areas also allows you to enjoy a higher quality of life, and invest more money into your home during the construction process. Taxes and insurance also tend to be lower in regional areas, saving you even more money during the buying and building process.

Regional and rural areas are continuing to see significant growth, meaning your custom-built property is likely to increase in value as more people move to the area and look for properties. If you plan to sell or rent out your property later down the road, you can be sure your property will be in high-demand, particularly because it will be far newer and more technologically advanced compared to many other homes in town.

Aside from the property and finance-related benefits of living in a rural area, studies have also shown lower stress levels and greater happiness among those who have made the urban-to-rural move. With no sirens blaring in the distance, greater privacy, a close-knit community around you and lower crime rates, it’s not hard to see why rural living is dearly loved by many Australians.

If you’ve decided to settle in the countryside, or better yet, build your own rural dream home, make sure to visit several display homes of reputable builders to find the most suitable style for you.

Custom building your home will ensure you are equipped with all the modern conveniences you require, but can also create a space that is adaptive to the natural surroundings, in the way of integrated entertaining areas or bushfire-proof features. Make sure to have a look at a reputable rural building company’s display homes to begin the process!

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