Write for Us – Guest Blogging Guidelines

  • Are you a creative writer looking for a nice place to post your thoughts and ideas? MyCity-Web is the place for you!
  • Our in-house editors will make sure that all your submissions are checked for spelling and grammar errors.
  • While there are certain things you should avoid when submitting your posts, our editors will be more than willing to respond to your every email, so feel free to contact us.


We are currently looking for Guest Bloggers!


If you are looking for a new place to further improve your blogging skills, and if you are interested in expanding your area of influence – MyCity-Web is the place for you!

Things You Should Know Before Submitting

Naturally, there are a few things that you need to know before submitting your blog posts here, so we advise that you read what is written below carefully:


  • We only accept original work – this is plain and simple – if your post has already been published on any other website, it cannot be published here. We will copyscape your content, just to make sure.
  • Quality is important – we only accept articles written in proper English. Articles with clear grammatical mistakes and spelling errors will be denied – while our editors will do their best to adapt your article to the MyCity-Web ecosystem, they will not try to decipher what you are trying to say.
  • Links are OK – as long as they are considered to be additional reading material in correspondence to your article, and anything that seems much promotional (such as affiliate links), or is simply forcefully linked – will be edited and removed by our staff. Natural promotional links are OK.
  • Link to your website – we think that it is great that you want to spread your creative work around, and we will be more than willing to help you with that. Feel free to include a link to your website in your author byline, and we’ll publish it with your every submission.
  • We accept 500+ word submissions – We think that 500 words is a minimum in order to create a good piece of content, and because there is no maximum limit, feel free to write as much as you like above those 500 words. We prefer texts that are around 700 words.
  • Feel free to contact us – if you have any questions, you can send us an email or two, and we will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible. Just give us a day or two, and one of our editors will contact you.
What's In It for You

Apart from spreading your area of influence and establishing yourself as a professional blogger, there are quite a few perks from submitting here:

  • Social media coverage – most of the articles published here will be shared on all our social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, even on Pinterest, if it is applicable. Our staff will also share interesting articles from their own personal profiles, which results in additional exposure for you.
  • Backlinks – your articles will become a permanent addition to our website, and any links that come with it. Once again, links that are simply poorly placed will be removed, but anything that is considered as further reading to your article, and does not violate some general guidelines is OK with us.
  • Networking Opportunity – we have a history of good collaboration with plenty of websites and blogs, and we will be more than willing to recommend you to any of them, if your work on our website was of sufficient quality.

If you find these simple guidelines acceptable, feel free to send as an email or fill in the contact form. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Things That Are Not OK with Us

There are a few things that simply do not have a place here at MyCity-Web, and the list is:

  • Loans – while it is OK to write about finances (X Types of Loans), do not link or promote any kind of loans, or other money lending agencies,
  • Porn – sex is good as long as it is tastefully done, and advice about a healthy sex life is appreciated, but porn content is not,
  • Drugs – you can write about approved medicines (X Medicines You Need with You When Traveling), recovery from drug abuse (How Drugs Ruin Lives), or even recreational use of marijuana (Recreational Use of Marijuana in the US), but anything other than that will be up to our editor to decide whether it is up to our personal standards,
  • Gambling – any kind of promotion of gambling, online or real, is forbidden on MyCity-Web,
  • Hate speech – we encourage free expression, but any kind of discrimination against any group will be rejected,
  • Clickbait – any kind of content with a title of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors will be rejected (She Did X and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!),
  • Crude content – do not post something that is intended to intentionally disturb others,
  • Spam – repetitive content, something that does not have anything to do with the title, keyword stuffing – is forbidden,
  • Promotions – objective approach when reviewing items is OK (X Gadgets You Need on Your Desk) while promotion of a single product is not (You Need to Buy XY).
  • Similar content – search our website before your choose a topic, and see if we have something similar; try not to post duplicate content.
How to Submit?

First of all, follow instructions that can be found here, after you’ve created your account and logged in, make sure to fill in all the blanks. We’ll need:

  • Your e-mail – so that we can contact you, or if you use a different account than what you’ve used to register,
  • Post title – what you plan on writing about,
  • Anti-spam questions – this is just a precaution to ward off those nasty bots,
  • Post category – choose a category that fits your topic; we will assign it to other categories if it overlaps,
  • Content itself – we will accept only simple text, any links that you want, you can add next to your desired keywords (in brackets); any images that you want, you can add links between paragraphs. We use images that are above 1280×800 resolution. Images should also adhere to the same standards as your content.
  • Feature image – there is a special button where you can manually upload your feature image. We will use it, if it is according to our standards.


After you click “Submit”, you’re done!

We’ll review your content, and if our editors give it a thumbs up, we’ll publish it – and we’ll contact you via email when we do!

An Important Reminder

Just remember, all content published here:

      • will be attributed to you, the name you use in your profile,
      • will have the bio you place in your profile,
      • will show a picture from your Gravatar account,
      • will lead to your Facebook profile (if you place the link in your profile)

But we keep the right to modify it in any way we see fit. On the other hand, if we reject your submission, we will not use it in any way.

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