Canine Hygiene: How to Keep Your Dog Clean and Healthy

A healthy dog is a happy dog. It is known that these pets are a man’s best friend, and we all know that friendships need work in order to function properly. Well, in this case, it’s up to you to take proper care of your dog and they will shower you with unconditional love in return.

Contrary to popular opinion, establishing and realizing a proper hygiene routine isn’t at all difficult, especially if you just got your first puppy. If you plan on adopting an older dog from a shelter, teaching them new tricks can be a bit more demanding, but nothing you can’t do with proper determination.

Therefore, go through the next three tips which will enable you to keep your dog clean and healthy.

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean

Ear infections can be quite dangerous for dogs. They can be either fungal, bacterial, or yeast infections and if not discovered on time, they can spread out through their canals and cause a whole new line of problems. Your safest move here is prevention – if you clean your dog’s ears regularly, you will be able to avoid these health issues.

For this purpose, you will need a mild solution and the best way to be confident about your selection is to consult your vet. The cleaning process is quite simple and it doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes.

You should place the tip of the product bottle no more than a half an inch in the ear canal, press the bottle so that the liquid can flow and massage the root of the ear for no more than half a minute. The excess solution that may appear should be cleaned with a cotton swab. Make sure to be gentle throughout so you don’t hurt this sensitive spot and so that your dog doesn’t build an aversion towards ear cleaning.

It’s More than Just Bad Breath

Although most pet owners neglect teeth cleaning, it’s a very important part of your dog’s hygiene because periodontal problems and different types of inflammations can appear. This kind of issues can seriously disturb the mouth flora of your canine and make feeding very difficult.

Now, this process is quite simple and you won’t need any kind of special training in order to do it – it’s much like cleaning your own teeth. Now, the important part is to find an appropriately sized toothbrush that is gentle which, of course, needs to be replaced when it wears out.

You should never use toothpaste that is meant for humans because it’s unhealthy for dogs, but get one in the pet store. It’s very important to ease in your dog into the whole process and allow it to get used to it gradually, and you should start with teeth cleaning while your pet is eight weeks old.

Another thing to have in mind is that this process needs to be short; otherwise your puppy will get anxious and that can build up in time and lead to you chasing them around the house when it’s time for teeth brushing. Start with the back teeth, move the toothbrush in circular motion and move it gently towards the front teeth.

Maintenance of Shiny and Healthy Fur

Many different health problems may appear if you don’t take proper care of your dog’s fur – you’ll be dealing with all kinds infections, hair knots, insect bites that are not at all naïve if neglected, and allergies.

Maintaining your dog’s fur is quite essential to the hygiene of your whole home and especially so if you allow them to sleep in your bed. It’s the only way to know that your canine isn’t infested with fleas. Conditions like these will disturb not only your dog’s health, but your own as well.

Discipline is all it takes for your dog to look shiny and gorgeous, so make sure to brush their fur regularly and keep their hairs neat by trimming them when necessary. Another – and a very important thing to have in mind – is that the fur of your dog mustn’t be wet for longer than necessary. So, after you give them a bath or they get caught in rain, make sure to dry them as soon as you can.

All of the guidelines we went through apply to most dogs, but in order to be really sure that you’re providing your canine with the care it needs is to learn about their species. Some dogs are more sensitive than others and products you may get for them might be a bit too harsh. Naturally, your vet will be able to tell you exactly what kind of supplies you need.

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