Cheat Sheet for Getting Free or Cheap Concert Tickets

Visiting all the concerts that interest you can make a serious hole in your budget. Your current financial situation may even cause you to miss out on the concert of your favorite music star. And what if you want your entire gang to go to the concert? Will they all have the cash to be there to create and share the amazing experience?

It seems like this is one of those situations where having a cheat sheet on how to get free or cheap concert tickets would be handy. Fortunately for you, I have put together an ultimate cheat sheet of such tips so your won’t have to miss your favorite band’s live performance on stage ever again.

Become Social Media Savvy

Many of the concert organizers leverage the power of social media marketing to spread the word of the incoming concert. In order to seize this opportunity, you will have to like and subscribe to specific pages and join certain groups.

You want to subscribe and follow the next pages: local radio stations, official band, the company in charge of concert organizations in your country, renown music venues. Why? Sometimes these pages publish giveaway posts.

These giveaway type of posts will usually require you to share them in order to enter the competition. Tag your buddies and instruct them to do the same in order to increase your odds of winning.

Presale Means Tickets on Discount

If you really don’t want to miss out the concert of your favorite band, then you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for presale events. There is a great chance that tickets will be offered at a discounted price in order to grab the attention of as many people as possible.

While it may be hard to learn about the presale events there are some tricks that can point you in the right direction. For instance, you can become a member of a band’s fan club. You can also subscribe to the mailing list on official band’s website.

Another way to get information on pre sale events is to bookmark popular music festivals’ official websites and to visit them on a daily basis. This way you will be able to get cheap tickets while their print is still fresh.

Check Out Banks and Credit Card Companies

Did I just tell you to monitor banks and credit card companies? Yea, I know it may sound confusing. Did you know that quite often banks and credit card companies are the sponsors of music festivals and concerts?

In order to attract more young people to open the accounts and get credit cards in their establishment, these financial institutions sponsor the events that interest this audience segment. Sometimes you will be able to get cheap tickets and get the opportunity to pay them off in several installments. Quite neat, right?

Get Cheap Concert Tickets Online

If you didn’t perform a “cheap concert tickets” search online, it may hit you as a surprise that there are websites that specialise in selling cheap concert tickets. Make sure to bookmark the websites that frequently list the events that interest you.

If you want to find the best deals possible, you have to visit these websites on a regular basis. You will notice that the first night shows are usually more expensive. So if you want to save some extra money, try to go for the second or third night event tickets. Some of the websites even offer loyalty programs, if this is the case, you may consider registering and making several purchases with them in order to get the stuff for even less money.

Even some of the official concert ticket brokers and resellers have the “tickets day-of” events. Make sure to visit their websites regularly to catch such events in time and to get your concert tickets at a considerably lower price.

Wait for It

This tip is only for the patient ones and the ones who are willing to risk missing out on the concert. First of all, you have to know that the concerts being sold out is just an illusion. This happens because brokers grab dozens of tickets before the true fans can lay their hands on them and they start reselling them on their websites or physical stores.

If you are ready to accept the risk of waiting for the last day before you buy your tickets, the chances are that you are going to get them at a considerably lower price. Ticket brokers tend to decrease the ticket prices once they see that their investment is not going to pay off. This is the only way for them to at least get back the money they’ve invested by buying copious amounts of concert tickets. Be aware though, that this is not your best option, but it still is a viable one.

Bonus tip: When you are making purchases online, make sure to choose the sellers that accept credit card payments. This way you will have the proof of payment and you can easily get reimbursed if the tickets are not viable or turn out to be fake. Yeah, unfortunately this can happen too.

This information can get you started on your hunt for cheap concert tickets. As you can see, staying active on social media, subscribing to relevant newsletters and keeping an eye out for brokers and resellers websites can help you score some very cheap and sometimes, even free concert tickets.

Nenad Cvetanovic
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Nenad Cvetanovis is a creative writer and blogger at MyCity Web. He has a Master’s degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis, and is currently involved in the Gestalt Therapy Training Program. Apart from being an avid writer of articles concerning psychology, he enjoys writing about IT and HR related topics as well. Nenad’s other passion in life is online gaming, to which he devotes most of his spare time.

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