How to Choose Energy Efficient Hydronic Heating Systems for Your Home

The single largest energy utilization system in countries like the US is a home heating system, and with power costs on the rise, it is imperative to invest in an energy efficient heating system. However, with your personal budget to consider, apart from the size of your home and star ratings, choosing the right heating system for your home can be a challenge.

With technologies evolving, hydronic heating systems that use water as their primary component have come into the limelight, and you can save a lot of money on your energy bills by investing in an energy efficient system that also doubles up as a smart long-term investment. These systems comprise of a heating unit, controls, and a distribution unit to pump hot water from a boiler through pipes and radiators before returning it to be reheated and circulated again.

When choosing a hydronic system for your home, check on these features that will help you make an informed choice:

Your Home’s Size

The hydronic heating system you choose depends on how extensive you desire your home’s heating to be as well as its layout. If you plan to heat most of your home’s rooms, an expert will survey your home to check the design and determine how efficiently the new system can be integrated. Your existing heating or cooling system will need to be surveyed and you home will be checked for insulation and air circulation too.

Star Rating

When choosing a heating system, irrespective of whether it is hydronic heating or not, check for its star rating. The higher the score, the better it works and the more efficient it is. Energy efficiency ratings should be taken into account along with performance ratings so that you can save on your energy bills in the long run, even if you have to invest a bit more at the moment.

Create Zones

In most homes, not all rooms are used at the same time. With this being the case, zone off your hydronic heating system so that it is evenly distributed throughout your home. Check for these splitting capabilities with an installation professional so that only frequently used rooms are heated at a particular point in time.

Get the Right Fit

While surveying your property, check with the installation expert to see how much heat is needed. The actual size of your hydronic heating system depends on the climate, size, and style of your home. A competent contractor will be able to guide you when choosing a heating system that is a perfect fit, and that functions efficiently and lasts long. Avoid going in for an extra-large heating system if you don’t actually need it, since it will never get a chance to reach its peak potential if it just overheats fast.

Give Each Panel Its Control

When getting a hydronic heating system fitted, ensure that each room or panel has its own controls. Make sure that all water circulation pipes are well insulated and that the controls are in place to manage pump usage and reduce energy usage. Unnecessary water flow or poor pipe insulation will lead to higher running costs. Additionally, when exterior walls behind panels are insulated, heat loss is prevented to the outside, and the entire system is more energy efficient.

When choosing a hydronic heating for your home, ensure that you check your home’s size and the star rating of the heating system so that you can choose the right one. Additionally, check to make sure that you get the right size of a heating system, since an extra large or small system will be of no use. Allow proper control of each panel to prevent heat loss and your heating system will be much more energy efficient. It will even save you money in the long run.

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