The Cramped Creative – Why a Small Living Space Doesn’t Have to Feel Stifling

As Australian house prices soar, more and more people are turning to units or apartments to get onto the property ladder. This is great, as you can still find some decent property in inner-city locations so you don’t face a huge commute to work.

Yet, it often means that you have to make do with significantly fewer square metres than if you bought a house. Many people suffer in these small spaces, without knowing that it doesn’t actually have to be stifling. Let’s check out a few ways that you can widen your horizons and bring some room into your small space.

Choose Your Window Dressings Carefully

One mistake that many people living in small spaces make is choosing the wrong colour for their window dressings. Dark coloured curtains and blinds can actually create the impression that there is less space than there actually is. Instead, opt for brightly coloured eyelet curtains, like whites, creams, light blues and yellows, that reflect light and make your pad seem bigger.

Get Creative With Your Furniture

Did you know that you can often use the same piece of furniture for more than one thing? Instead of having a desk and a dining room table, simply utilise the end of your dining room table as a work space.

Chances are you’re working from a laptop anyway, so simply tuck it away in its case when you have company over for a meal or gathering. When they’re gone, pop it back on and keep working!

Smoke and Mirrors

Okay, maybe not the smoke, although burning incense is a great way to get a lovely smell wafting through your pad. We’re serious about the mirrors though. Large mirrors on the walls, doors and cupboard doors can create the impression of more space in your home. Try getting strategic with their placement experiment and find the fit that’s best for you.

Be Ruthless When Choosing Furniture and Decor

Those with larger spaces may have the luxury of accumulating lots of odds and ends. If you’re in a studio apartment or a slightly larger space, you don’t have such luck unfortunately. But that’s okay, it just means that you get to pick the pieces that you really like.

If your home feels cluttered, then make a tough call and cull some stuff. You’ll feel better for it. You can always donate it to the needy or sell it off if you need a few extra bucks.

Get Creative With Storage

You’re still going to need somewhere to store your filing, valuables and other things that you absolutely need. That’s fine you just need to put your lateral thinking hat on. Cube storage is a great place to start, and you can fit cube storage in strategic places like on top of cupboards or even in the small space under the stairs (for those in townhouses).

You can also invest in some sliding drawers to slide under your bed. Vacuum sealing clothes is another great tip cycle through your seasonal wardrobe and seal up out of season threads.

No Need To Feel Cramped

So as you’ve learned, a small space doesn’t have to be stifling and uncomfortable. Make sure that you consider your window dressings carefully, and try using your furniture for multiple purposes.

Use mirrors strategically to create the impression of more light and room, and be really ruthless when picking furniture and decorations. Finally, be creative with your storage solutions. Sit back, enjoy your hard work and that impression of space that you’ve worked so hard to evoke.

Vladimir Ilic
[email protected]

I am a creative writer/blogger working for MyCity-Web. I find that one of my best qualities is my free spirit. Apart from writing I enjoy listening, playing and creating new music. Currently, I am a member of two bands in both which I play bass guitar.

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