Office Secrets for a More Efficient Workplace

Elevated Efficiency – 5 Office Secrets for a More Efficient Workplace

For a manager or a business owner of a well-established company, streamlining processes for a better workplace and having a productive workforce is of utmost importance. Creating a working environment that helps fosters independent thought and creativity will enable a company to go one up against their competitors. Focusing on strategies that aid in smoother operations enhances efficiency and will help a company reach their targets quicker. Here are five office secrets that will help you create an efficient workplace:

Opt For Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud-based management systems are the communication devices of the future. We’re all familiar with the pain of sifting through hundreds of emails to find that attachment that you need, only to discover that you’ve got the wrong version after all, or that someone just forgot to “reply to all”. It’s time consuming, confusing and highly inefficient. Cloud-based services will help you put all vital documents in one place, make edits whenever required, and allow access to other employees. Another way to harness the power of the Cloud is to invest in Cloud-based business phone systems, as this will help you have conference calls with multiple employees at the same time, irrespective of their location.

Cut Down Meeting Time

Nothing frustrates employees more than long, tedious meetings that many executives seem to love. Having numerous meetings a day disrupts workflow and irritates employees, making them less productive. Instead, embrace the ‘stand-up’ culture. Every morning for 15 minutes have a chat with your team leads, ask them about the progress of their work, relay new goals, and talk about the plans for the day. Having quick meetings will ensure that your company work continues unhindered and doesn’t impinge upon your employees’ work time.

Allow Remote Work

Many companies hesitate to allow their employees to work remotely. This is despite overwhelming research indicating the many benefits that remote working delivers. Businesses prefer their employees to come to office on time, and persuade them to stick to the restrictive 9 am to 5 pm work culture. To get more out of your staff, incorporate work from home, or remote work policies. This gives your employees a chance to work independently, making them more interested in their work. It will also help you streamline your processes by ensuring fewer, more critical staff stay in office, leading to lesser overhead costs.

Encourage Open Communication

For any workplace to operate to its optimal potential, it is essential to have a reliable communication network. Instead of relying exclusively on emailing or office chat services, take time out to sit with your employees once a week or daily to chat with them about your expectations, and reiterate company goals. Encourage them to talk about problems they may be facing at work, and help them overcome these issues. Having more face-to-face conversations will make your employees feel more confident and driven.


Many employees end up doing the same tasks daily leading to monotonous and mundane work life. Motivate your employees by introducing gamification with awards like “Employee Of The Month”, or “Best Achiever.” Alternatively, congratulate them on achieving their targets by gifting them coupons or personalised corporate gifts. These little exercises will go a long way in improving your employees’ motivation and productivity. Moreover, getting recognised in front of their peers will make your employee work even harder.

Supplying quality products and services is essential. However, to achieve smoother operations and get more out of your workforce, it is imperative to streamline your processes regularly. This will help your company become a better place in which to work.

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