Exploring Barcelona with a Bike Tour

If you are one of those people who enjoy riding a bike everywhere, then maybe you should consider visiting Barcelona on your next vacation. There are not many big cities in the world that offer an amazing experience for bike riders, but luckily Barcelona is one of those world centers that have everything a biker needs to enjoy his or her stay. In case this is your cup of tea, you should look to visit the capital of Catalonia. There are a lot of advantages of going on a sightseeing tour of Barcelona using a bike instead of walking, and I don’t mean just the obvious reasons.

You will also be able to get in some exercise while seeing Barcelona from a different angle. Burning some calories while getting the fresh oxygen your brain needs is a great chance to absorb all the history and culture of Barcelona. Additionally you will also do something great for the environment as there are no carbon emissions that come out of pedals! The fact that the capital of Catalonia is very flat and has over 120 km of bike paths will surely motivate you to sit on a bike and see all of the things that Barcelona has to offer.

Almost all of the bike tour companies that you can find in Barcelona offer private bike tours and group tours as well. There are also many routes offered that take you to La Rambla, La Sagrada Familia and Barceloneta Beach  in one tour. There are also a lot of alternative bike tours which focus on different things such as football sights, or eating the best tapas. Here are some of the best bike tours I personally picked for you to check out.

The Steel donkey team bike tours

the-steel-donkey-team-bike-tours-barcelonaIf you want to find a bike tour you will never forget in your life, then this is the right one for you. These bike tour services offer a variety of private and smaller group rides that take you around the whole city. The guides working here are all locals and they know amazing stories and details about the city that nobody else does.

They also have a sense of adventure and even though you might not learn a lot about Gaudi on their tours, you will learn about some different sides of the city that most people miss. You will spend a whole afternoon learning about Barcelona’s secrets.

There is nothing fixed that you will actually be able to see, but usually you will check out some unknown, pleasant side streets, beach bars, try out some of the best churros or chocolate, go to some local flea markets and visit some ancient cemeteries for a bit of excitement. These tours are amazing for those people who don’t want to feel like tourists, and want to check out some different locations and not just those most famous locations. For a different bike tour experience, visit The Steel Donkey Bike Tours.

Tricycle tour


tricycle-tour-of-barcelonaThe funky cycle tour is actually a rickshaw, or tricycle tour that can offer amazing experience. Imagine riding around all of Barcelona and sightseeing from a comfortable saddle. The only thing you need to do is sit back and relax, and your driver will take you where you need to go. Yet another amazing thing about sightseeing with a rickshaw is that you are not limited to pavement or road; you’re allowed to switch from one to another and experience Barcelona from both a biker’s perspective and a driver’s perspective.

These ways of transport are so convenient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly that most people get hooked on them and they simply cannot get out of them once they sit down for the first time. You will have to do no pedaling, as you will have a guide/driver that will do all the hard work and give you suggestions where to go. Furthermore, their drivers are well-trained and know Barcelona very well, so wherever you want to go, they will know how to get you there.

Baja bike tours

baja-bike-tours-barcelonaOne of the biggest bike rental services in Barcelona, with a lot of experience and dozens of tours to choose from. Their tours are truly some of the most memorable ones; they offer both private and group tours and they have professional tour guides on multiple languages all over Europe, including Barcelona. They offer tours which are on foot as well, but as their name suggests their specialty is in creating amazing bike tours that offer an exceptional cycling experience.

They are truly one of the most flexible bike tour specialists, as you can go on a saddle ride, a bike ride, individually or in groups, and you can even choose from many different guides based on which language they speak. Here is where you can probably find everything you are interested in, as they have bike tours that go through all of the best known sights in Barcelona and around it.

You can ride through the streets of the Gothic Quarter, see all of Gaudi’s masterpieces, see the secrets of Las Ramblas, or you can even combine your tours with occasional stops for grabbing an interesting local specialty. Consult with the people at Baja Bikes and I guarantee you will find a package you will like.

Touring Barcelona with electric bikes

touring-barcelona-with-electric-bikesIf you have all of your days planned out with just a bit of time to spare for a bike tour around Barcelona, your mind might be motivated, but the question is whether you have the energy in you to do it. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and you won’t have to leave Barcelona feeling guilty that you didn’t at least try to cycle your way around the city.

Barcelona offers you a way to cycle around the city and go sightseeing without putting too much strain on your body. This easy and fun option for getting to know the city includes electric bikes with batteries that assist your cycling. They make sure that you can easily cover any distances or hills that would normally present a problem.

Barcelona eBikes tours give you the option to cover all the sights in just one day, or even climb to the Montjuic mountain and enjoy the amazing view of the whole city without exhausting yourself. This is truly one of the best solutions for people who like riding bikes, but aren’t that devoted to them and cannot really cycle great distances at once. All of their guides speak English fluently and they I’ll give you a quick lesson on how to use your eBike, it takes minutes to learn to ride them and start enjoying yourself.

Street art bike tours

street-art-bike-tours-barcelonaHave you ever thought about the possibility to view street art on a bike? Well, in Barcelona this is possible. Not only this, but you will be able to take this unique bike tour on a unique bamboo bike. Riding through the Poblenou neighborhood using a bike like this is truly something you cannot do anywhere else. All of the amazing spray and stencil graffiti which are reachable with a bike can be viewed with these tours.

A typical art street bike tour lasts around three hours and you will be given a handmade, high-quality bamboo bicycle to use during your sightseeing. For all the fans of urban art, there are many industrial neighborhoods you will go through and look at huge walls covered with expressive tags, stencils and graffiti. The unique bamboo bikes will provide you with the maximum possible comfort while checking exciting districts with some of the best graffiti art in the whole world. Bamboo Bike Tours truly offer some of the best bike tours in the whole world and not just Barcelona.

Beer bike tours

beer-bike-toursIf you are all about having fun in crazy, new ways, and experimenting in life, you can try out a so-called “beer bike” and go sightseeing through Barcelona from a completely new perspective. If you are a fan of pedaling and drinking beer than there is nothing better you can possibly do while in Barcelona. Go sightseeing on a huge bike with a group of people and drink beer, pedal your way around Barcelona, dance and have a great laugh while you are at it.

Maybe you’ve heard or seen a similar vehicle in other well-known countries, but this one runs through some of the best locations in Barcelona. This is a fun, exciting, memorable, and crazy way to go sightseeing. The tour lasts for two hours and you will be on board with people similar to you, drinking beer and sangria.

You can even bring your own liqueur if you prefer these kinds of drinks over beer. Pedal in a team and drink beer together, while going around the city, if you don’t hear anything interesting in what I’ve just said then this is not a tour for you.

These are some of the most interesting bike tours you can find in Barcelona. Even if you haven’t tried exploring a city this way, make sure that you try it at least once. I guarantee you that you will like it as it gives you a fresh perspective and lets you observe the city from a completely different angle. Not only this, but you will also do something healthy for your body while traveling.

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