The Facade Fascination – Why a Beautiful Home Exterior is More Important Than You Think

Owning your own home is one of the great Australian dreams. It brings you pride, joy, contentment and a place to come home to after a hard day’s work. A place to raise kids, have pets and relax in on weekends. But did you know that an much-neglected part of the home is the exterior? Some people get so caught up in decorating and beautifying the interior that the forget all about their facade. Let’s check out why a beautiful home exterior is more important than you think.

It’s The First Impression

When a new visitor, houseguest, salesperson or colleague comes to knock on your door for the first time, the exterior of your house will be the first thing that they see. Imagine if you had some fancy custom outdoor blinds or other striking decorations on your facade. You’d really make a great first impression. You want your house to reflect your own personal brand – be that power, prestige, comfort, relaxation or whatever you desire. It’s important that you maintain the upper hand in your own domain, after all. So, ensure that your facade reflects who you really are. Speaking of first impressions…

Resale Value

Home buyers are picky. Many couples attend a great deal of open homes before committing to buy a property. The first thing that they see as they step out of their car will be the exterior of your home. If your facade is failing, has peeling paint, or faded weatherboards, or cracked bricks or other signs of obvious disrepair then chances are those buyers will look elsewhere quick smart. A well-maintained exterior could make tens of thousands of dollars of difference when it comes to selling your pad.

Keeping Your Place Running Smoothly

Maintaining your house’s exterior is about more than just first impressions and resale value. There are things that you can do to keep your place looking great that have a positive impact on how your house operates. Take your gutters, for example. Regular cleaning of your gutters not only keeps up appearances, it also ensures that rainwater drains away properly, protecting your property from costly and unseemly leaks and drips.

Roof flashings and tilings protect your property from the elements too. While cracked roofing looks bad, it is also a risk to your property in case of rain or storms. In the case of weatherboard homes, a fresh lick of paint keeps it looking great, but also helps to preserve the timber and prevent cracking and rotting from the weather.

When it comes to your garden, while shrubs and trees look great take care not to plant them too close to your home. Roots can get in and mess with the structure of your foundations (particularly wooden stumps) or cause rot underneath your house. Speaking of gardens…

Green Thumbs Are A Must

Your garden also says a lot about your home. A messy, weed-infested garden makes it look like you don’t care for the rest of your property. Try to spend a bit of time each week in your garden weeding and pruning. Also, remember to water your plants and grass. If you don’t like doing this, try hiring a gardener. Airtasker often has people willing to earn some extra cash, often for less than a professional.

Keep Up Appearances

So, remember that the exterior of your palace makes the first, lasting impression. Also, try to keep it looking perfect if you are considering selling your house. As well as for aesthetics, a lot of exterior maintenance is doing yourself a favour and keeping your place safe. Finally, don’t forget the garden!

Vladimir Zivanovic
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