How to Get French Provincial Dining Chairs for your Home on a Budget

French country décor is considered the most stylish yet simple in the world. The French provincial furniture is, no doubt, the finest assortment of furniture, especially the dining chairs. Since the French rural manors back in the 1600s and 1700s were not able to afford a luxurious lifestyle, they adopted a simple home décor. The French décor is all about beauty, grace and satisfaction. Over the years, it has experienced a great revival and has become popular among the French people today. Inspired by the domestic farmhouses and rustic country life, French décor looks incredibly appealing.

If you want to go with traditional French provincial décor at your place, then selecting the right dining chairs is an important consideration.

Characteristics of French provincial dining chairs

  • Bright and appealing – The foremost feature of French provincial dining chairs is that they are very bright and captivating. Dining chairs with twisted legs and high quality of cushioning, along with that lovely wood finish look out of this world. Yes, you can polish these chairs every six months to keep the brightness and gloss intact.
  • Warm and inviting – With a French provincial theme, you are going to add coziness to your place. These amazing dining chairs reflect the unique personality of the homeowners and their interest in French history. It includes the history of the French family and their connection with it. With such furniture, there will be no aloofness. In fact, it will highlight the everyday finery.
  • Opposites and cohesive – Unlike the typical urban lifestyle, French provincial dining chairs are all about pastoral, luxury and elegance. It is true that this type of provincial theme originated in the agricultural lifestyle yet it poses a great example of simplicity and elegance.
  • Cohesive – The French provincial theme throughout the home looks great. Hardly any other influences are included with such a theme in the house.

Choosing the Right Material for French Provincial Dining Chairs

It is essential to choose only the high quality and the most appropriate type of material for such dining chairs. The homeowners who are looking to present a French provincial theme to their home must go for natural materials only. It can be in either a natural or raw state. Some of the examples of such material are wicker, linen, porcelain, ceramic, stone and untreated wood & timbers. It is advisable to avoid fabricated materials and plastic. You must not go for heavy patterns or high gloss; instead, choose minimalist designs.

On the other hand, the fabric of the chair is another important consideration. For a softer look, you can go with linen and rugs. If not linen, then you can choose to have less-treated fabrics in soft colors like blue, ivory, white or neutral. Metallic hues, earth tones and cream-colored fabrics are always a great choice. It is important to maintain the simplicity of French provincial chairs by opting for textured fabrics with fine embroidery. If woven or nubby wools are available, then go for it. It will look simply outstanding with this type of décor.

The Bottom Line

It is true that French provincial dining chairs are a blend of traditional and antique style, a true mix of different styles and colors. Nonetheless, the dining table and the chairs create a unifying element. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Go for neutral hues if you aren’t sure what kind of colors would suit your décor. Also, avoid wood if you live in a moist continental climate. Wood is especially susceptible to moisture.

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