Going Back to School? Check Out These High-Demand Careers

Nowhere is it written that you must be no older than 18 to apply to college. You can get an advanced degree at any age! If you’re feeling stuck and unsatisfied in your current profession, going back to school or getting additional certifications can help keep you interested in your career and encourage future promotions.

But most adults go back to school in order to re-enter the workforce in an entirely new capacity. It’s normal for our interests to change. Although it’s admirable for people to stay in the same job for over 30 years, not everyone can do so with genuine passion.

If you know you want to go back to school but haven’t quite decided which industry you’d like to be part of, check out this list of quickly growing sectors that are sure to have plenty of job opportunities once you’re suitably qualified.

IT Industry

The “IT industry” is an umbrella term that covers all kinds of modern technology. Perhaps you’d like to develop smartphone apps or websites, experiment with new technology like augmented or virtual reality, or protect data with the latest cybersecurity methods.

Even manufacturing industries need skilled IT personnel to keep the production machines running smoothly, so working in IT does not necessarily mean working in an office or fixing paper jams. Think about your various passions, and you’re sure to find a way to combine them into a fulfilling IT position.

Certifications are your best friend when it comes to building your resume for the IT industry. Not every employer looks for advanced degrees. In fact, certifications are sometimes a better indication of tangible and specific skills than a Bachelor’s degree. For example, you can check out various Oracle exam study materials for a brief glimpse of the wide range of skills you can learn.


The healthcare industry is always blooming and is a secure field to get into, as people will always need health professionals. But completing medical school is a daunting, expensive and lengthy venture that few are truly prepared for.

Fortunately, there are other ways to care for people. In particular, these positions are showing promising signs of growth:

Dental hygienist – The school fees associated with becoming a dental hygienist are quite low compared to other medical fields, but the rewards are great. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s most recent data, dental hygienists enjoy an average salary of around $73,000 annually. Dental hygienists work directly with patients to clean and examine teeth, enjoying the work of a dentist without the title and student loan debt of true MDs.

Physical Therapy (PT) Assistant – The educational requirement for physical and occupational therapists has recently changed. Whereas a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree used to be an appropriate qualification, now a Doctorate is the norm. But as a PT assistant, you can still do hands-on work with patients, carrying out the treatment plan developed by the PT. A two-year Associate’s program is common before taking the national PT Assistant license exam.

Transportation Industries

Transportation takes many forms. You could be a truck driver after getting a Commercial Driver’s License. Many truck firms offer specialized training as well.

If you like to look at transportation from a theoretical angle, you could get into aerospace technology or train technology. Even the automotive industry has numerous openings, from design to marketing to manufacturing. These are highly competitive but rewarding jobs, since you can be on the cutting edge of the future.

Energy Industry

Finally, if you have a mind for innovation and progress, consider joining the energy industry in some capacity. Solar and wind production is set to increase continually, but the oil and natural gas industries continue to innovate in their own ways as well. Getting a science degree is the best way to prepare for this sector.


Cathy Habas
Cathy Habas
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