How to Stay Fit & Gorgeous during Winter

The fact that no one will see you in a bikini doesn’t imply that you should gain weight and waste all the work you did to look amazing for the summer. You won’t need to stop everything you’re doing and dedicate all your time to your body, so it’s not really a big deal. The key is in being determined about it, and to stop looking for some immature excuses. If you include a little bit of discipline into your daydreaming about having the perfect body, you could actually make your dreams come true, you know. Check out the next few things and find out how to look amazing during the whole year!

Go out despite the cold

Girl in snow

When winter comes, a lot of people decide to lock themselves in as soon as work hours are gone and relax with some wine, snacks and a movie. This is a huge mistake, because after the movie is over, it’s bed time, and that is when all that delicious snacks start sticking to the stomach and thighs. Sure, you do this during summer, too, but summertime is hardly stopping you from taking a walk. No matter how much you can’t stand being in the cold, you need to fight it and move around. There are a lot of things you can do without feeling like you’re getting hypothermia – shopping, visiting a friend, making a Snowman, taking a short walk around the block or walking just a part of the way to your office. Don’t let snow turn you into a real live Snowman.

Intake several small but energizing meals


Having healthy meals is very important, especially during wintertime. Cold winds and sidewalks covered with snow can exhaust you more than you think. Most people solve this problem by increasing the amount of food without even noticing it, which is not the right solution at all. You need to increase the number of meals you intake daily and make them more suitable for winter, which means that they need to be more nutritious. This can easily be achieved by starting to eat at your home, and preparing delicious treats which are easy to transport, so you can take them to work. It’s not necessary to become a chef in order to do this, you just need to pick up a couple of simple tricks. The most important meal of the day – as we all know – is breakfast, so you should start from there, and perhaps learn how to make this mouthwatering Chia Seed Pudding. If you’ve never cooked for yourself, trust me, you’re going to love it, as soon as you learn the basics.

Don’t let your gym miss you

woman in gym

We’ve already talked about making all kinds of excuses during winter, and the gym is probably the easiest thing to remove from your conscience by saying to yourself that it’s too cold or too far. But, it’s not like your abs will shape themselves, right? You can’t possibly expect to be fit if you’re not doing anything about it. The best way to overcome all excuses is to find a gym buddy – you two should make an agreement to encourage and control each other.

It’s the perfect time for new things!

snowboard cross women

If you’re more of an outdoors person, and you usually enjoy jogging outside, there are a bunch of things you can use as a replacement. Every new seasons should inspire you to do something new and exciting, and winter shouldn’t be an exception. Sign up for dance class, start doing yoga at home, get a workout DVD, or jump straight into the snow and take up a winter sport! Whatever you decide to do, be sure that it’ll keep you from falling into that winter routine when every single day looks exactly the same.

You see now that it’s not like you need to freeze to death in order to stay fit. All these things are fun to do, and if you only give them a chance, your body and mind will be in perfect condition during the entire year. And, you’ll still have enough time to enjoy your wine, eat some snacks and watch a movie, while winter is raging outside.

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