Interior Design 2015: Return of the Classics

The next year is the right year for renovating! Upcoming trends are quite bold and romantically gentle at the same time, which is a really incompatible combination, but strangely enough – it looks amazing. Unexpected color mixes and material blends can make your place look like a million bucks, of course, if you apply them the right way. Even pros need some direction when it comes to new fashion drifts, so check out these next pointers which may help you reinvent your home!

Sophisticated choice of colors
Colour Design

Enrich your interior with an amazing set of colors. Using cold natural shades combined with warm and perky ones will create a natural environment you’ll definitely enjoy being in. A fine smooth shade of brown or granite gray when combined with playful green or romantic purple looks natural – and that’s exactly what you want to achieve.  In a calm surrounding like this, you can rest your mind and relax, which is the ideal everyone strives for when decorating. Check out the 2015 color palette; perhaps you can find a similar combination which is more appealing to your personality.

If you feel like going in another direction, you’ll probably want to go with Greek Blue, Olive Green or Ochre – these three shades will be a really big part of interior design during the next year. There are more than just a few variations you can pull off using either of these colors. On the other hand, if you’re in need of something passionate and strong, gray with patches of red should be your choice.

Clash opposite textures together
Couch Pillows

Flat and fluffy, relief and smooth – it’s like the clash of the titans in the world of interior design. Creating a contrast that is too strong may be a smidgen too much, but once you get the general idea, you’ll know exactly how to make a master-piece. Wood, metal, glass, leather and all kinds of fiber are at your disposal to play with them in order to break the monotony.

Obviously, there’s a right room for each texture mixture, so choose carefully. Having in mind that each room should be turned into your own version of an oasis, your choice will be much easier.

Extend your sense of fashion to the furniture

Fashion trends always go together with interior design trends. Probably the best way to decorate your home would be to guide yourself by your own clothing style. Your choice of clothes and jewelry says a lot about your attitude and personality, so if you find yourself in an inspirational rut, your closet should be your muse. You’re looking for your favorite shapes, lines and prints which you can transfer to your environment. My advice is not to go with something you’ve discovered yesterday, but pick out evergreen items you consider as bold when taking into account your own style.

Mix antiques with modern pieces
Antique Furniture

I’ve saved the best for the end. All of the pointers mentioned above are just an introduction to this one. There are two major streams you should decide between if renovating next year; the wonderful Renaissance and the gorgeous 60s. The point isn’t in turning your place into a museum, but just picking out a few elements from these two epic eras and putting them to collide with modern furniture – the outcome will be amazing!

Having a classical element like a splendor sofa or an extraordinarily rich frame can do miracles to any room in your home. Going with soft pastels, any shade of blue or olive green will make an antique pop out and serve as a fashion statement. Other than colors, there’s one other important thing you need to count on so that your room can be an image of harmony – a modern rug. Without it, everything may appear like if it were a window of a furniture store.

There’s one last piece of advice I’d like to share with you – make sure you’ve cleverly combined all the pieces and colors before you actually make the purchase. You don’t want to end up with completely different elements that can’t be placed together, so make a sketch or collect the pictures of all the elements you like so that you can create a final picture in order to find out whether everything fits in reality like it does in your mind. This is a great year to create a classy environment which won’t go out of style for a really long time.

Alex Filipovic
Alex Filipovic
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