Key Principles to Consider Before Writing Successful Content

To engage an audience, you have to do a bit more than just writing some scribbles on paper and churning out blocks of text. It’s simply a science and art that takes long hours doing work and additional research. However, there is a huge challenge with the growth of content machines. They produce tons of general work, making it almost impossible for people to find content of true value online.

This ends up creating an interesting situation or dilemma for all content creators. As you can see, the odds are not on your side. So how can you produce content that is casual and professional at the same time? Keep in mind that as a writer, you have to deliver content that ‘talks’ to the emotions of the people.

Before we dive any deeper, let us first take a look at some of the underlying reasons of why people would read your content:

  • For learning purposes
  • To solve the problems they may have
  • For entertainment

These ideas make the major principles which you need to go through as a professional content writer. So, before you start writing any new e-book or article, carefully go through them, and you’ll be one step closer to attracting enough people to read your work.

To Educate

Changes happen each day in our lives, and the best way to learn about all of them is through reading. If you love being kept up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the world, the internet is a vast and resourceful place where you can learn a lot!

As a blogger, you need to tap into the potential of all your readers. Take an educational approach while creating content. To help you do this, here are two simple methods:

1) You can make a collection of different informative resources on any topic of interest.
2) You can also explain your interpretation or application of a brand-new principle in your industry.

Of course, this also includes providing diagrams, examples, videos, charts, and infographics, as well as any other representation of evidence. An excellent example of good educational content in the Search Engine Optimization industry is the simple beginner’s guide to understanding SEO from SEOmoz.

If you’re just about to start an online marketing campaign, the above guide will make sense. The information is supported with useful diagrams and images that make it quite easy to understand what you’re reading.

To Solve Problems

Other than educating, problem-solving is another essential component of understanding human behavior. Through this, we can also appreciate human growth. When writing content, you should give unique and powerful information to assist people in resolving their particular issues.

If need be, you can even go on to share any personal experiences.
To meet the different needs of your audience in this category, you need to ensure that you prepare content with this information:

  • It should define and explain the problem.
  • Provide methods and tools to solve it.
  • Offer a sequence of steps needed to resolve the issue carefully.

Similar to creating educational content, here you can also include embedded videos and diagrams that make it easier to read and understand. Having looked at the education and problem-solving principles, the last one is a little bit more straightforward.

To Entertain

Although it’s not so common, there are still a good number of people who read for the mere fun of it. Adding a bit of humor, wit, and personality into your blog or article will help you offer your readers a tremendous emotional experience.

You can achieve this by engaging your audience in some rational conversation. Here, readers can easily relate to what they see and read.

They should ask themselves various questions and feel some sense of connection with what they’re reading. Eventually, this will give all their activity a memorable experience and improve your social network!

To entertain people, you need to be spontaneous edgy and funny. Besides, you should also combine different types of article content. Some examples include those written texts with videos and images. It should be funny while still using the various requirements of search engine optimization.


Creating content is simply a process of adding value to your readers. It doesn’t matter if it’s by entertaining, educating or even helping them solve problems.

Using different writing techniques makes sure that your audience understands the information you share. You can, for example, learn from a Chicago/Turabian style example essay already posted online, to see if you could come up with your own.

It would be so interesting to learn the best combination of the principles above. What does this mean? Well, let us say that you are planning to write a cooking blog, would you talk a lot about cooking tips or on some funny personal experiences you found while cooking? Combining both would be a more intelligent option!

Sophia Clark
[email protected]

Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a content marketer, sharing experience on writing, education, and self-development in her publications for example, In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it.

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