Little Things Make a Long and Happy Relationship

Every new relationship is exciting, but after a while, it can get rather hard because it all simply becomes a little predictable and annoying. Some may try to work on their bond, and some decide to go their separate ways. However, if there is a will, there is a way.

There are a few key elements that can come into play when you’re trying to maintain a happy relationship. Sharing your life and your quirkiness with another person is not easy if one of you is not ready to go all the way.

Communication & Respect

First of all, communication is everything. We are all different and no matter how many years you’ve spent together, no one should assume what the other person is feeling and thinking about. When you are facing problems, communicate openly and with mutual respect. Respect the person with whom you spend most of your time, because your they were there through thick and thin.

Make Compromises

Arguments: you win some, you lose some. To avoid resenting each other, make small compromises. You might not like going to the theatre, but if your other half follows you on your adventures, consider making a small exception and show support.

On the other hand, there is no need to force everything on each other. From time to time please each other by doing what the other wants. Other times, make plans with friends and enjoy the night separately.

Surprise Your Partner

Every once in a while, leave a cute note or a present for your loved one to discover. Just because you are together doesn’t mean that the romance is over. Don’t wait for the anniversary to go gift shopping, but show appreciation on a random Thursday. Something small or a long-lasting present; either one will bring the element of surprise, and this will spark up the relationship and bring the couple closer together.

Give Them Some Space

Spending some time apart is healthy and recommendable for a happy relationship. Although the couple shares common interests, it is good to have separate interests and activities also. This will provide more topics to talk about and more experiences to share. In addition, you will appreciate your partner more when you realize how much you’ve missed them.

Go on a Date

Taking your partner for granted is a common mistake, but being in a relationship doesn’t mean that the dating part is over. Go on a date night, with a fancy candlelight dinner in a restaurant, or hold hands while watching a movie. Being out, just the two of you, will make you forget about stress and obligations. Watching TV and doing the same old routine doesn’t count as quality time with your partner.

Switch Roles

To truly understand both sides and end those recurring fights once and for all, switch roles occasionally. Mix up things a little bit by seeing things from a different perspective. If your partner does the cooking, maybe it is time for you to give it a try. Also, talk about your unfulfilled wishes and start working on them together. This will spice up your relationship, inside and outside the bedroom.

Never Stay Angry

If you have something on your mind that’s bothering you, say it! Holding things inside and avoiding arguments can cause more than harm than good. Unsolved issues grow into constant resentments and they push people further away. Always speak your mind clearly and calmly without raising your voice. Once the “who can be louder” game starts, you both lost.

Grow Together

We are all shaped by our past experiences and we continue to change with new occurrences. As you go through life situations together, it is important to be supportive and grow together. Create a common goal and work as a team. This kind of bond can withstand all obstacles and endure all the necessary changes.
To have a happy relationship, the connection must be healthy. Both sides need to understand, respect, and support the partner’s desires and their free time. Being with someone is a serious commitment, but without a little fun, it can become overbearing. If you want something – ask for it. Complement each other’s successes and show how proud you are. The most important thing is for a person to be appreciated for their effort, so cherish the good times.

Marija Milunovic
Marija Milunovic
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