Live Luxuriously, Because You Deserve It

“There’s no place like home” a cute girl once said, and she couldn’t have been truer. Home is, above everything else, a place of peace where we get away from all the worldly troubles, or at least we try to. It is also a shelter from everything nature tries to throw at us, and because of all of this, we spend a lot of our free time running half-naked around the house. Well, at least some of us do. All of this puts us on an never-ending adventure of improving our home, making it more convenient, comfortable for us to enjoy, and no matter how small the changes we make are, they always bring us joy. Not only are they a source of happiness, but they also present a great way of investing into our future, as everything done around the house is a worthy venture that will only increase the overall value of the property. So, if you are not sure what you can do to make your life a bit easier, then here’s a list of some simple suggestions.

A breath of fresh air for your attic

luxury room

If you live in an actual house, and not in an apartment, then you are quite a lucky person. Not because you can play music a lot louder than the rest of us can, but because you have all that space and no idea what to do with it. We are, of course, talking about attics; they are great, and you are probably using them as a storage room, but with a small investment and a couple of great ideas, it could be transformed into an even greater storage space, or maybe, an entertainment center? If you ever wanted to go somewhere to play video games or watch Friends re-runs, then you only need to make your attic a livable place, seal all the cracks, place a layer of insulation so you don’t freeze/boil to death, and buy the biggest TV your wallet will allow you. With a little decoration and a few pieces of furniture, you can turn an underused attic into something great. Unlike basements, attics are open, they have actual windows, and if they don’t, install some, and all that fresh air and sunlight will allow you to play your <insert favorite console here> until you forget you have a job in the morning.

Improve your living room

living room

If you have a lot of guests, or if your family spends a lot of its free time in the living room, talking and sharing experiences, and not arguing like the rest of us, then you can invest into some new furniture. Maybe a new painting by a new urban artist you like? How about a new set of speakers, new TV, or a new AC? Let’s face it, winters are becoming colder and summers are trying to evaporate us, so having an AC to help you during those critical times is not a luxury, it is a necessity. If you need another reason to buy an AC, just think how filters will remove allergens from the air, leaving you and your family, especially kids, safe from respiratory diseases. Yes, install an AC because of the children.

Bathroom: an oasis of peace

We spend a lot of our free time in the bathroom, and if you are not, you should take an occasional bath or two. This will relax your body, and not to mention your mind. Buying a set of speakers that are waterproof will do wonders for your enjoyment, and think about having a bathroom fan installed so that it removes any excess moisture from the air. If you are feeling extra generous, you can have an even bigger bathtub placed instead of the old one where you had to bend your knees. If you think your blue tiles are depressing, find some more exotic ones, or repaint your bathroom as to make it visually roomier. Buy a fancy new faucet and throw away the old leaky one, and live in luxury because you deserve it. Of course, all of this will require quite a deep pocket, but in an ideal world, this is not a problem for you, random reader. If nothing else, these suggestions are only goals you should definitely strive for.

Vladimir Zivanovic
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Vladimir Zivanovic is a Project Manager here at MyCity-Web and a part-time blogger with a Master’s degree in English language and literature from University of Belgrade. He is responsible for communication, including status reporting, project preparation, and, in general, making sure the project is delivered in budget, on schedule, and within scope. His main interests are computer technologies and he is a great gaming enthusiast, especially for World of Warcraft, which he has been playing since the beginning. When he is not playing games or reading epic fantasy, he is saving up to buy the newest mobile phone, as he is lost without one. He also loves surfing the internet, finding interesting facts, and using them when someone least expects it. Doing an exhaustive research is very important for Vlada, as everything needs to be supported by hard facts. He regularly posts on his Lifehack and LinkedIn profile.

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