Organizing Meaningful Events for Your Family Members

Of course, every day with your family is a small blessing, but there are a couple of life events that are a bit more important. On these occasions, family members and close family friends gather to celebrate, catch up and have fun. We always look back on these events with nostalgic feelings and this is only natural because the underlying cause is usually very important. It has permanent impact on the entire family. The person who has the honor and the privilege to organize one of these events can feel a bit overwhelmed by all the obligations. If this honor has befallen you and you are stumped for ideas then stay tuned. I’m going to try and give you a few ideas to get you on the right track.

Child birth and baby showers

Most people immediately assume that baby showers are reserved just for female members of the family and their female friends. While this may be the case in most situations, there is no explicit rule that says that these kinds of events cannot include the entire family. The whole point of baby showers is to help the parents by giving them useful gifts in order to help them with the baby. Choosing a theme for the shower is optional. The primary thing to focus on is the guest list. Try to invite people who are close to the future mother and who have had some experience with child birth. This is one other part of the tradition that people tend to forget. Baby showers were events where women traditionally exchange their knowledge with the first time mother.


If you want to prepare a birthday party for a family member, close friend or loved one – a party he or she will remember – than you have to focus on a few things. This is an event that revolves around one person so the theme, the people and the presents should be to their liking. You should play the music they prefer, have food and drinks they like and adjust the whole tone of the party to their taste. Not everybody likes loud, crazy parties. Sometimes people just want to sit down and have a nice long conversation with the people close to them. Also, be mindful of the age of the person in question. You don’t celebrate the 21st birthday and the 80th birthday the same way, even if it is for the same person, although recreating a birthday of old is not a bad idea.


Planning an event as big as a wedding is something that should not be taken lightly. People have written books about this subject and there are professional agencies that deal with wedding organization. All I can give you is a few general tips on how to keep everything in line. The best move is to write everything down, create a detailed plan and execute one point after another. Also, be in constant contact with the people you have hired to perform certain tasks so as to avoid any misunderstandings and keep track on their progress. Of course, the standard rules apply, personalize the event around the newlyweds and you should do just fine.


AnniversaryThese events are, in my opinion, the easiest to organize. You should focus on things related to your mutual history and the things your partner likes. Focus on precious memories that you might want to relive, simple gestures that are related to a sweet conversations you had, things you planned earlier in your relationship, things you use to do as a young couple and so on. Don’t be afraid of anniversaries because your entire relationship is an arsenal of ideas that you can use in order to make the whole event a bit more special.


This event is in no way joyful but is something that needs to be handled by somebody. If this task has fallen into your hands, then you need to buck up and do your job diligently. You have to be mindful of the last wishes of the deceased and the wishes of the family. Try, to the best of your abilities, and make the whole thing as easy for the family as possible. If you feel that this task is too much for you to handle, there are funeral agencies that offer a full service when it comes to funeral arrangements.

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