Quit Smoking Step By Step In Seven Days

The following is a guide on how to quit smoking.


Congratulations. You are joining the majority, the people who do not smoke or have given up smoking. In seven days, you will be a non smoker too.

First step: throw away all your cigarettes. Now buy one pack of a brand you dislike.

Second step: From today, you are going to keep a tally on the cigarettes you smoke and how much you think you need them. Take a sheet of paper and rule up a series of columns with the headings shown below.

In the “need” rating column, write down those cigarettes you feel you cannot do without as rating “1”. A “2” rating would mean a cigarette you need but could do without. Number “3” is for those you smoke without thinking.

Now wrap this paper around the pack with an elastic band. Oh the first day, simply rate your cigarettes as you smoke. There is no need to cut out any today, but do not clean out your ashtrays tonight.


Keep up your smoking tally. But, if you rate a cigarette as a “3”, do not smoke it. Take a 20-minute walk after dinner instead of smoking. Take your wife, friend or dog with you. Fill your lungs with air instead of smoke. Do not smoke if you watch television tonight. Do not smoke in the car. Keep adding to yesterday’s butts.


If you successfully cut down all your “3”-rated cigarettes yesterday, try to cut out most of your “2s” today. Keep up your smoking tally paper. At some time today, decide that you will not smoke for a certain period: one hour for heavy smokers, two hours for moderate smokers and a half a day for light smokers.

Tell yourself that, in a cinema, you do not smoke because there is a strict rule against it. So now, just make as strict a rule for yourself, and stick to it. Keep adding to your collection of butts. Keep walking.


Switch to another brand you dislike. By now your tally should show fewer “l”-rated cigarettes as you cut out those you really could do without. So today, cut out all your number “2s”. Only smoke those you must and rate them as “1”. Keep those butts.


Throw away your lighter, matches — yes, and your cigarettes. Today, if you must smoke, you will have to borrow someone else’s. This action really forces you to think. Maybe you can do without smoking by using a relaxation technique. Chew gum, celery or carrots instead of smoking. At the end of the day, gather all your butts into a glass jar with a lid. Keep up your walks.


Today you are stopping for 24 hours. You have survived five days and proved your willpower. Getting through will be tough, but you will do it. If you get the craving, take the top off your jar of butts and breathe in. Avoid alcohol today, it weakens your willpower, and avoid coffee or any drink you associate with smoking.

Drink plenty of natural fruit juices or chew gum. Avoid people and places you associate with smoking. Begin the day by calling a non-smoker or friend who previously smoked to tell them about your plan. Once you have told other people that you have decided to give up smoking, it will be easier. Keep walking.


You have done it! Congratulations. Twenty-four hours without a cigarette. But do not get cocky. Follow all the steps of Day 6. Already, your mouth will feel cleaner, and your lungs too. You may cough more, but that is your body’s cleansing mechanism at work.

Call your friends and tell them that you have succeeded. Save the money you would have spent on cigarettes for the next week and, with it, buy yourself a present.

NOTE: If you had a serious affliction such as cardiac disease, or diabetes, you would have to watch yourself every day and follow a careful diet like a heart healthy diet. You are trying to do something just as hard when breaking the smoking habit.

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Natalie Moore
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