Why Regular Drain Cleaning Services are Necessary for Your Home

We often don’t think about maintaining our drains until a problem arises. By the time you notice issues like foul smells, overflowing drains or nasty blockages, your drains will have already been under pressure for a long time, without you even knowing it.

As we’ve all heard before, prevention is better than a cure. To avoid major issues with your drains and keep your home functioning as usual, it’s essential to seek out regular drain cleaning services from professionals.

If you’re still not convinced that you need these services on a regular basis, we’ve compiled a few reasons why it’s a necessary ongoing maintenance solution for your home.

Reduced chance of blockages

By regularly maintaining your drains and cleaning out build-up, you help lower the chance of future blockages. Grime, dirt and residue from your kitchen, bathroom, backyard and gutters will inevitably accumulate in your drains and pipes, becoming a bigger and bigger problem the longer you leave it alone.

Small blockages in the shower or sink are a good indication that a bigger problem could be building up, and that seeking out drain cleaning services will be well worth it.

Apart from household waste, limescale can also build up naturally in your drains. This mineral deposit is formed over long-term exposure to hard water (water that has a high level of magnesium and calcium particles). Limescale will harden if it is not removed quickly enough, causing serious damage to your pipes.

Seeking regular cleaning services will keep your drains flowing freely, and nip any possible blockages in the bud before they become large-scale headaches.

Save you money in the long run

Major drain problems are not only a hassle to fix, but can be extremely costly. Drain pipes that are constantly blocked undergo more wear and tear when trying to flush out waste, meaning that you may need to replace your pipes. Pipe replacement is, of course, expensive and can take days to complete, making it a hassle you would want to avoid.

Regular drain cleaning and maintenance can help you spot any potential problems before they exacerbate and also ensure that debris is not putting stress on your pipes. By extending the lifespan of your pipes and preventing large sewage problems from arising, you protect yourself from large repair expenses in the future.

Prevent foul smells from affecting your home

Foul smells emanating from festering blocked drains can slowly creep into your home and cause your family a lot of discomfort. Kitchen sink drains are often responsible for the build-up of foul smells, because of the food scraps, grease and oil that accumulate and decompose.

Once your drains are already emitting horrible smells, it can be a very difficult problem to fix. Regular drain cleaning can prevent this from happening, ensuring that there is nothing your drains that can decompose and emit smells.

Maintain a clean and hygienic home

When drains overflow, they present a serious hygiene problem in your home. Waste products and debris that have decomposed over months are not something you want in your home. In order to prevent such issues, regular drain cleaning services are necessary.

When you consider the immense stress your drains go under, you can see why regular maintenance is key for them to function properly. Just picture it: when you take a shower, loose hairs, shower products and dirt all mingle together in your drains.

When you wash the dishes, you may rinse food scraps, grease and oil down the sink too, unaware that the food scraps will begin to decompose and the grease will solidify, resulting in a serious blockage. When you tend to your garden, waste and debris heads straight towards your drains. All of this puts immense stress on your drains with daily household waste accumulating in the pipes.

Next time you wonder whether regular maintenance is necessary, consider how much pressure your drains are under and all the advantages of regular maintenance and cleaning.

So, how often should you schedule drain cleaning from blocked drain experts? Semi-annual or quarterly professional cleaning is a good general rule, but if you notice any gurgling, drainage issues or the like, a more thorough and immediate clean may be necessary. In either case, contact your local blocked drain experts for prompt and professional cleaning, repair and maintenance services.

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