Search Engine Optimization


  • If you find SEO frightening, or you are simply not sure how it works, we will offer you our extensive expertise and knowledge in order to create a campaign that is perfect for you and your business.
  • SEO is more than ranking – it is about creating engaging content and website optimization in order to drive more clients towards your business.
  • By using only Google-friendly SEO techniques, we will ensure that your website reaches your target audience, without attracting any kind of negative attention.

Why is SEO important?


The aim of any good SEO agency is not only to make your website more visible to all search engines, but also to create a constant flow of traffic towards it, which will convert into long-term customers in due time. Furthermore, even though SEO has drawn a lot of negative attention, at MyCity-Web, we only use the best, white-hat techniques that will ensure your website gets the kind of attention that it deserves.

How can MyCity-Web help you with SEO?


Our main specialty is creating a buzz around your website, and good SEO is exactly that. There is no need for shady techniques that every search engine frowns upon, hens we only use the most efficient strategies that involve content marketing, social network management, and backlink analysis – in order to create a unique, and most efficient approach for you and your business.


We constantly monitor the performance of Google’s algorithms and we adapt our strategies in order to keep our clients updated. Our experience and knowledge, and above everything else, our creative thinking and problem solving capabilities will certainly give excellent results, both for you and for us. Link building, content creation and healthy social signals are the pillars that drive any good SEO campaign, and we can help you with all three of them.

What are the stages of good SEO campaign?


1. Analysis Phase – We think that there is no universal solution when it comes to good SEO, and we strongly believe that we need to get to know your business inside out in order to create the most effective campaign. Once we gain deeper knowledge about your business, we will be able to create clear goals, and a functioning way of getting there. The Research Phase includes a number of steps:

“First Glance” Analysis

We take a good, hard look at your business in general, in order to determine what is the best possible angle of approach. We will later on use this information in order to determine what and how to target.

Potential Research

We will research your current number of visits, what you should focus more on, what can be used, and what should be avoided, and in this step, we will often tell you what you need, and what can actually be done.

Competition Research

In order to fully understand the situation, we will also examine your competition, both local and international, in order to learn what we can from them. In the SEO business, it is always a good idea to learn from those who are more successful, and avoid making the same mistakes as those who failed.

Linkable Assets Research

By examining your website, we will try and find content that can be used as a linkable resource, which can then easily be used in further content marketing or social media strategies. If you are lacking such content, we will be more than happy to provide it for you, or to help you make it on your end.

Social Connections Analysis

We will examine the current state of your social networks and will offer guidance if needed. This is done in order to better understand whether your business can actually reach your target audience, or not.

Website Analysis

In this phase, we will examine your website, point out to outdated links, or those that do not exist anymore, and offer you content that can be used as a much better resource. Furthermore, we will offer advice on how you can improve your website, in order to create a more responsive experience for your visitors.

2. Strategy Creation Phase  – This is the part where we can tell you our plan, how, when and what we are going to do, and try and get your feedback. This is a balancing phase, where we will try and find the perfect middle ground between what is optimal and what can be done, and our clients play an important role here. A clear timeframe will be offered, and in accordance with your unique needs and desires, we will prepare everything that is needed for the final step. The Strategy Creation Phase includes the following steps:

Website Reparation

Any weaknesses found in the first phase will be immediately repaired, as this will ensure that your website is a good, and linkable resource. This will also improve the experience for your visitors and ensure that your website is easy, and interesting to use.

Content Plan

Our team of Creative Writers will offer their unique ideas and approaches, in addition to presenting you with targeted websites where we plan to link your business. This will be done in a way that emphasizes SEO, but also from a perspective that is ultimately reader friendly.

Linking Strategy

We will present you with a linking strategy, both internal and external, and we will explain to you what resources can be used, and why.


Once everything is presented to you, we will wait for your confirmation before we proceed. This is done in order to ensure that our clients are completely on board with everything planned, as our ultimate goal is to create an SEO campaign that will leave our client happy.

3. Project Execution and Reporting Phase – Once everything is approved, we will start with implementing the strategies. After everything is done, we will provide you with all the analytics that will give you clear results related to everything done above. This Project Execution and Reporting Phase includes a number of sub-steps:

Project Tracking

At every moment, you will know what is being done, and you will be able to suggest any possible changes. This will also give you a clearer picture of the current frameworks and timelines, in order to get a better understanding of when you can start expecting results.

SEO Adjustment

We will be looking for new areas where you can improve your activity in order to have better results, and we will monitor all the content, all the time.

Link Building Execution

This part will create a steady flow of incoming links to your website. By creating content that people actually enjoy, find informative and entertaining, we will make sure that they share it with their circle of family and friends, and this is how your exposure is ensured. By placing your link inside such content, we will ensure that all the visits to your site are natural, organic, and are not considered negative by search engine algorithms. This will, over time, increase your domain authority, number of search engine visits, as well as the number of customers that are looking for your products and services.

Social Media Inclusion

All the content created will be published and shared via all available networks, which will serve as further marketing advice both for you and your brand.

Final Overview

At the end of any successful campaign, we will look at what has been done, what was successful, and what can be done to further improve our partnership. We will give our undivided attention to every client, and will do our best to make sure you select us for further collaboration.

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