Could Secondary Glazing Be a Superior Alternative to Double Glazing?

Double glazing has long been a popular window solution, but now innovative companies are looking for cheaper and more effective solutions. Secondary glazing is one of these popular solutions, and has proven to have many benefits when compared to double glazed windows.

Secondary glazing is simply insulation via a second pane of glass or a sheet of plastic, making it a simpler version of double glazing. It provides a range of benefits, from aesthetic to practical – could it be the perfect noise-cancelling and heat retention solution for your home? Keep reading to find out!


Double glazed windows are not always all they’re cracked up to be. To upgrade your existing windows to double glazed, you need to rip out the original windows and replace them with double glazed windows. This, as you can guess, is a costly process.

Secondary glazing bypasses this hassle, as you get to keep your existing windows, while the secondary glazing goes over the top. Through this simple process, you are able to soundproof your windows and enjoy the benefits of double glazed windows without the expensive process of removing and replacing your windows.


Because the existing windows do not need to be removed in their entirety, secondary glazing is also a quicker process and creates minimal disruptions to your home or business. This gets you all the advantages of double glazed windows without the long-winded, disruptive process of removing and replacing windows, meanwhile leaving your home exposed to the weather and noise.


Some people may be reluctant to consider secondary glazing, assuming that the word “secondary” hints at a lesser status when compared to double glazed windows. This, however, is an incorrect notion, as secondary glazing actually performs better than double glazed windows.

This is because the larger the air gap provided by a window, the better the sound and energy proofing of the glass will be. Double glazing provides a thin air gap, whereas secondary glazing provides a larger gap, providing better soundproofing and retention of energy.


Those with a period-style home may, understandably, be very reluctant to rip out their old, classic windows just to install double glazed windows. Retrofitting, or secondary glazing, is the perfect solution for these period-style homes, allowing you to keep your original windows and the overall aesthetic of your home, while enjoying the benefits of secondary glazing.

An added bonus of not having to throw out your old windows is, of course, the environmental factor. By working with what you’ve already got, you’re dramatically lowering your environmental impact.

When looking for a company to install your new windows, it is important to choose a reliable company that will not go for cheap, bulky frames that are going to compromise the look of your home. Instead, a good company should be able to seamlessly integrate the retrofitted windows into the existing windows.

Noise Reduction

Of course, one of the primary purposes of double glazed windows is to block noise from outside. Secondary glazing does this just as well, if not better, than double glazed windows, thanks to the larger air gap provided, as mentioned above.

In fact, it has been shown that secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to 70-80%, compared to other methods, helping to block the noise of traffic, neighbors, dogs and the like.

Thermal Efficiency

The other major reason people get double glazed windows is to reduce heat loss. Again, secondary glazed windows excel in this regard as well. Secondary glazed windows can in fact eliminate heat loss, because it is airtight.

Quality installation of secondary glazing will ensure that your house can be kept warm during the winter, which will in turn reduce your energy bills, because you won’t be losing as much heat. Not only is this good for your wallet, but it is also great for the environment!

Improved Security

Secondary glazing can also provide an additional security barrier, making it harder for would-be criminals to open your window from the outside. Even if an intruder is able to get through the main window, the secondary glazing will take more time to break through. This extra layer of protection could make all the difference between an intruder easily getting into your home, or being deterred by the extra effort it takes to get through the window.

Secondary glazing is not widely known by most people looking for a way to cut their heating bills and the noise pollution they are exposed to. However, the practice is gradually picking up, and has clearly proven itself to be a superior solution to double glazed windows. If you’re looking for a way to prevent heat loss, save on your energy bills, have an eco-friendlier home and cancel out the noise from the street, all whilst maintaining the original look of your windows, secondary glazing is an ideal solution for you.

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