Seductive Barcelona: 10 Ideas for a Romantic Holiday

Proposing in front of Sagrada Família, sipping sangria in the Port Olimpic or posing with magical lights of Font Màgica de Montjuïc in the background, enamorados are the very soul of Barcelona. And no wonder, for the Catalan capital itself is irresistibly seductive and full of wonders.

The rhythm, succulent bites, postcard landscapes and nocturnal fiestas – everything here is made for passion and lit with candlelights. If longing to spend a couple of days kissing under the Barcelona sun with mouth full of crema Catalana, here’s where, when and what to do in between.  

1. Cruising Around to Sunset & Jazz


La Rambla Romantic Date

At the end of La Rambla, where Barcelona meets the Mediterranean Sea, commences Port Vell, the city’s seaside boulevard. And, is there anything more romantic than a sunset enjoyed from the coast? Much to our surprise and the lovebirds’ delight, there certainly is, and it includes the same exact setting, only experienced from a cruiser.

The orange glow of the horizon, the dreamy scenery of Port Vell promenade, wine for two and a gentle caress of saxophone somewhere from the ship in one irresistible package seem convincing enough. Available for all lovesick visitors from May to September, the Barcelona jazz cruise is an hour and a half of pure magic.

2. Grilled Foie at El Pla


Grilled Foie at El Pla

In a city as fragrant with romance as Barcelona is, there’s not much need for rooftop views and costly bottles of wine. Everything you need instead is a reservation at El Pla. Delightfully hidden in one of the alleyways of Barri Gotic, this charming restaurant is made for whispers of love.

Low-lit, intimate and overly enchanting, El Pla experiments with modern takes on traditional Catalan fare and spices it up with a sprinkle of Eastern influences. At the end of the evening, you’ll have as much love for this restaurant’s octopus carpaccio and beef fillet with grilled foie as you already have for your valentine.

3. Drifting In the Air


Balloon Ride in Barcelona

If the Barcelona sunset is most impressive when experienced from the water, than the opulent greenery of Catalonia is never more beautiful than when seen from the sky. Like everything else, hot air balloon rides are nowhere near ordinary here, and an hour and a half of gentle floating through the air is not everything you get for the price.

Starting a day in the clear morning sky with striking landscapes of Pyrenees, Mediterranean and Montserrat, once you land down, what awaits you is a delightful refreshing brunch and a glass of locally produced and excitingly bubbly cava. And, all that is available for just the two of you as well, for a slight upgrade in price.

4. Whimsical Skylights of La Pedrera


Skylights of La Pedrera

If you enter the gates of Gaudí’s last finished phantasmagorical miracle late in the afternoon, the most surreal date of your relationship will be over just in time for the Barcelona sun to set. Once again on the outside, you’ll see the curvaceous façade of Casa Milà softly swaying under the nocturnal lights.

Made dream-like from undulating stone and curved iron, La Pedrera is fully whimsical by night, when Gaudí’s poetics sparkles. Just to be sure that you’ve had the best kiss of your life, return once more to the Casa’s roof, and you’ll find the chimneys now lit with skylights. If lucky enough, you’ll find a perfect spot for two on one of La Pedrera’s emergency stairs.

5. Wine Tasting Over Mediterranean


Mediterranean Wine Tasting

Around thirty minutes outside of Barcelona, the country air of the Alella region is fragrant with grapes. Everywhere around, local vineyards are owned by Catalan families and made ready for you to explore and taste. After a sunlit stroll through the wines, you’ll find yourselves indoors for a giddy tour of the winery, where both Catalan vintage and the indigenous cava are made, and presented with a few glasses for tasting and a lunch to complement your grape. With each sip, Catalan vineyards will seem more lush, and Mediterranean Sea more glistening.

6. Seduction by Verses at Prostíbulo Poético


Prostíbulo Poético

If in Barcelona for its artistic licentiousness, then a night spent at Prostíbulo Poético will bewilder you beyond your wildest dreams. Run by Madam Eva, the infamous brothel offers seduction by poetry. Once a month, this traveling conceptual happening hosts lustful literature lovers in different, yet always candlelit venues, and presents the erotic potential of a whispered verse.

You’ll find Madam Eva’s guests picking one of the putasProstíbulo Poético’s writers of semi-erotic poetry dressed like burlesque prostitutes – and spending a lovely evening by their side, but for the two of you, the poetry readings and recitals of this mesmerizing bar will be just arousing enough.

7. A Silent Moment on the Bench


A perfect day for a picnic at the Park Güell

If not getting enough of Gaudí’s natural flow and whimsical ingenuity, then every Barcelona day is a perfect day for a picnic at the Park Güell. Naturally, the Catalan capital offers a plentitude of soothing greenery, which you can find at each corner, and Parc de la Ciutadella, Laberint d’Horta, Turó Park and Jardins de Pedralbes are all splendid choices for some off-beach basking in the sun.

Wherever you head to, remember to bring along a bocadillo with chorizo sausage for a midday snack and a book for a silent moment. Sometimes, those moments are what we cherish the most.

8. Irresistible Odor of Puella’s Saffron


Odor of Puella’s Saffron

As hard as it is to compete, still nothing says romance like cooking in pair. Once the juices start to flow and the tart aroma of Catalan spices seasons the air, the romantic night out is dangerously on the verge of flaming up. For no other reason but a spicy hour of flirting, take your date to a paella cooking class.

This savory dish has been a large part of Catalan life for centuries now, and is still as equally enticing as ever. Peel the tomato skin together and carefully slice it up before getting distracted by the seductive odor of the single most exotic spice in the world, saffron.

9. A Scooter for Two


On a scooter through Barcelona

If still too young and restless for jazz and timid enough for a hot balloon air ride, Barcelona is more than glad to take you for a little punkier tour for two. Effortlessly drifting along the Passeig Maritim, and finishing off at Tibidabo hill, the romantic scooter ride through Barcelona is certain to bring you closer together.

For a short while, you’ll enjoy the view over a cava toast sprinkled with chocolate, and then continue on through Passeig de Gràcia, all the way along the Port Olimpic, then up to the Montjuïc hill, and return once more to the city, just in time for the sunset.

10. Romance and Seclusion in Cadaqués


dreamy town of Cadaques

Over at the dreamy town of Cadaques, where Dali was once “quenched by light and colour”, the bays are crystal blue and the days are wonderfully long. Only a two-hour drive north from Barcelona, the artsy town greets pursuers of romance and seclusion. Once a fishing village accessible only by sea, Cadaques remains charmingly frozen in time.

It’s now only a two-hour drive north of Barcelona, which makes it an ideal destination for a weekend spent away from the touristy bustle of the city. After a walk down the pier and some wine tasting, stop by the Compartir, for as it’s name suggests, this delightful restaurant was made for sharing.  
Oftentimes, a night of roaming about the city, eating well, drinking good wine and making love is all that a great romantic story needs. And with hot spices and curvaceous architecture swaying in the air, the Catalan capital may just be the perfect destination for it.

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