Several Foods That Are Perfect for Your Digestive System

Because there are a lot of different types of food on the market, many people get confused and don’t really know which foods are the “healthy and nutritious” options that our bodies actually need. We are bombarded with attractive fast food advertisements of “incredibly tasty” food. When combine this with the fact that we are constantly in a hurry, it’s easy to see why we often turn to buying and enjoying meals that can have a negative effect on our overall health.

Over a certain period of time, our bodies start protesting against this lack of proper nutrition and numerous symptoms come up. Besides eating food that causes constipation, many people are constantly under stress, which only makes things worse for their digestive systems. To avoid this happening to you, there are several types of healthy foods that you must try.

Split peas

This vegetable used in Indian cuisine is extremely rich with proteins and fiber. Another positive thing about this popular Indian vegetable is that it is very healthy and satisfying. The split peas are used for preparing soups and stews.

Lima beans


Lima beans are very tasteless, but there are ways to prepare these incredibly healthy vegetables. With the right recipe, Lima beans will do wonders for your digestive system.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds hail from Mexico and Guatemala. They can be black, white or brown. Even though they are tasteless, using them with a good recipe will create something impeccably tasty. These seeds are an incredibly good source of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants. It is important not to overeat these marvelous seeds, as a mere two tablespoons will give you around 35% of your suggested daily fiber intake.

Coconut Oil


This oil is perfect for general health improvement. It is good for the digestive system, increasing energy levels and it strengthens the immune system. This is the perfect substitute for refined vegetable oils.


Ghee is simple cleansed butter, meaning that all the milk fat and sugars have been removed. A good thing about Ghee is that it lasts much longer when compared to other types of food. Ghee also is stimulates the creation of acids that increase food break down in the digestive system.



This is a perfect ingredient for any salad. It is rich in various vitamins and fibers, which our digestive systems need in order to function properly. It is possible to mix this vegetable with other ones in order to create the perfect mix. Preparation is pretty simple, as it only needs to be boiled or sautéed.


This is one of the foods that have a wide variety of vitamins. It does not end there, as avocado is also packed with a high amount of fiber. We can easily say that avocado can be called a superfood.



Mixing oatmeal with water or with low fat yoghurt is a very popular breakfast option. Many people choose oatmeal for their first meal of the day, due to the fact that it is packed with high amounts of fiber, but it is also an energy bomb and it gives our bodies the perfect amount of carbs to get us through the day. Besides being rich in fiber, oatmeal is also rich with carbs and proteins.

Alaskan Salmon

Salmon is always a good meal choice. However, Alaskan Salmon is not fed with GMO food and is much healthier for our bodies. It is considered a highly anti-inflammatory food, and is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids and protein.

Brussels Sprout

Sprouts are known to contain high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C. Additionally, brussels sprouts contain a high amount of fiber. They have a very low amount of calories, which makes them an excellent choice if you want to improve your immune system and your digestion system at the same time, without adding weight. There are numerous interesting facts about sprouts that should convince you to make it a part of your everyday meal plan.

Focusing on this type of food will greatly improve your digestion, but it is also very important to know  what foods cause constipation, so that you can avoid them. Information about this, as well as other digestion related tips can be found on

Being informed will make it easier for you to avoid or reduce the intake of food that can cause constipation. It might be hard to adapt to your new diet in the beginning, but it is going to become a great habit after some time. You will never feel the need nor the desire to give your body fast food ever again.

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