The Six Healthy Habits to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

Have you ever heard of plantar fasciitis?

It’s the most common cause of heel pain. Middle-aged people are prone to this condition; however, the younger generations are not totally safe either, especially those who are highly physically active during the day or engage in some form of sport.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligaments that support your arch are strained, which can lead to pain, inflammation, and swelling.

It could happen if:
• You have flat feet or high arches
• You stand, walk or run for
• You have a high body fat percentage (over 25% for men and over 30% for women)
• Your footwear is worn out or doesn’t fit well
• Your calves are too tight

How can we prevent plantar fasciitis and relieve us from foot pain?

Below are healthy habits that you can follow.

1. Wearing shoes that support your arch and heel

One of the easiest ways of preventing plantar fasciitis is by wearing the right shoes – the ones that support your heel and arch.

How would you know that you have the right shoes?

They should be of the right size and have a thick sole that can provide a cushion for your heels.
While wearing a 3-inch high heel can be flattering, don’t sacrifice comfort over fashion. No matter what type of shoes you wear, make sure that they are friendly to your soles.

2. Relax your muscles

Plantar fasciitis is known to be a notoriously stubborn injury. It is also one of a runner’s worst recurring nightmares.

If running is a part of your everyday routine, how can you ensure that you don’t get this injury?

One way of prevention is by doing exercises that relax your muscles and feet.

You can do a step stretch, an easy exercise which aims to improve the flexibility in the calves and Achilles tendons. To do this, stand on a smooth surface. Press your toes towards the ground and your heel should be kept planted. This forms a dome or an arch on your foot. Release and do three sets of 10 repetitions per foot.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

An excessive or rapid weight gain does not only pose a risk to your health but it can also increase your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. When you are overweight, you put lots of pressure and strain on your heels and the ball of your foot. This can lead to pain, inflammation and eventually plantar fasciitis.

Make sure that you eat a healthy diet and have regular exercise to maintain your healthy weight. From time to time, you can satisfy your cravings for sweets or fast food, but everything should still be in moderation.

4. Doing some basic stretching before you go for a walk

Though walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise, make sure that you prep your feet first before making that first step. This helps lower the risk of injury, increases your endurance and decreases soreness of muscles after the walk.

To stretch your ankle and hamstring, sit on a chair’s edge, and then extend your right leg with heel on the floor. Flex your right foot and keep your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Gently lean forward from your hips and feel the back of your thigh stretched. Repeat with the other leg.

5. Getting a foot massage on a regular basis

Getting a regular foot massage is not only a perfect way to relieve stress, but it also prevents plantar fasciitis. Foot massage relaxes every nerves and muscles of your feet, providing relief to foot pain and inflammation.

If having a regular foot massage is not friendly to your savings account, you can ask your roommate or partner about massaging each other’s feet. It’s a perfect relaxing way to spend your Friday night.

6. Listen to your body and know your limits

When our body has had enough, it gives us cues and signals. If our feet have been through too much, it signals pain, swelling, and inflammation. Never take these cues for granted. Always take good care of your body and know its capacity. You can’t expect your feet to support the full weight of your body for 8 hours straight. Give your body the much needed rest and care that it deserves.

Prevention is always better than cure, so minimize the risk of developing plantar fasciitis by following these healthy habits.

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Aleksandar Ilic
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