Six Theme-Inspired Looks to Style Your Unique Personality

Living in the post-everything days, when classics are slowly being forgotten and genres fused, can sometimes be crazy liberating. No, it’s not the apocalypse of creativity, but exactly the opposite. The strictly determined patterns are now shattered, canons defeated, and a world of possibilities opened for us to play. The genuine art can only be raised in times of latitude, deprived of any borders. In the early days, fashion used to be restrictive. Its established trends were for us to follow, and never to be altered. Our appearances were flags of collective preferences. Individual voices were suffocated and we were supposed to blend in. Fashion, as any other art however, is never about making uniforms. It’s about raising our own voice.

So, if you’re eager to express your unique personality on the outside, let your clothes be your personal manifest. And if that personality is loud, picturesque and star-like, put it out there with one of these six exquisite amalgam styles.

Lady of the canyon

country girl

If you are in love with your long, wavy hair, enjoy it as a sign of the wild, feminine charm, and homage it with clothes. Muss up the bangs, or dye it slightly red. Play around with summer looks, and feel like a country-music star with a modern twist. Here’s how! The inspiration item for this style is a sexy little romper, which is a short jumpsuit garment with a top and shorts. Even though it’s a one-piece suit, you can have a lot of fun with it, especially because of its costume-like appearance. It’s already pretty unveiling, but you can make it even flirtier with various designs of the upper part. Instead of the classic shirt top, you can try out the overall top with a cute crop top t-shirt underneath. My favorite version of this look is a bib jumper with a low-cut top that can be paired with a button-up shirt. If you decide to go with a little more subtle, one-color look, the possibilities for accessorizing are even more exciting. Use a belt! It can be a thin leather belt in bright color, or a wow-effect bow on the back. Dark color rompers can be simultaneously classy and fierce when completed with a wide tinsel belt. If you want to achieve the all-American cowboy look, always go with jeans. The material is perfect for this theme. Add a red neckerchief to go along with ankle boots in the same bold color. Make the outfit flawless with dark shade wayfarer glasses and a statement hat. It’s spontaneous but spicy, and ideal for festivals, outdoor parties and afternoon walks.

The piano girl

pan collar dress women

If you are a gentle, girly girl in love with literature and Gregory Peck, this is the style for you! It’s a perfect embellishment for your black curls and pale, freckled skin. This look is all about fluttering, silky fabrics, antique jewelry and soft colors. Naturally, you can make this style extravagant and funky with little eccentric details. The little baby doll inside of you will love playing with jewelry, so make it the go to item of your style. The earrings are usually simple and discreet, included only to complement the main ornament – the necklace. You can choose among name necklaces and endearing miniature pendants of different shapes, according to the theme. The overall look, however, can’t be complete without a big medallion on a long chain. Cameo medallions with a filigree finish are stunningly beautiful in an old-fashioned, sophisticated way, and you can never go wrong with them. Rings are ever so fashionable and perfect for this accessory based look. However, be careful not to exaggerate this trend – you don’t need it to sparkle and bling. Plain, thin rings with tiny motifs and typography or knot rings, stacked or mixed with knuckle rings will highlight your gentle piano fingers and round up the outfit. Once you’ve picked out the jewelry, the only thing missing is a dress. The classy and sophisticated little dress is a must have of this look. What can make the dress adorable and charming is a buttoned up peter pan collar. And the colors are equally delicious! The pallet is pastel and clear, with sweet names – baby blue, light jade, corn silk, peach or cotton candy. And, to make it perfectly clear how much of a sweetheart you are, you’d want to choose patterns with motifs like birds, fruits or flowers. If not patterns, you can choose lase or eyelet fabrics, and have the same effect. But, always keep it simple enough to decorate it with stylish and slightly unusual accessories like coin purses, enamel brooches, butterfly glasses and cloche hats. With a book under your arm, your outfit will revive the good old decadent times.

The gasoline chick

girl in jacket

There is something about a black leather jacket. Whatever you wear it with, or however bleak the day is, it can make you feel fearless. If you like to think of yourself as a hard-core, cocky girl, you cannot go without it. Here are some ideas for this biker inspired rock and roll look. A black leather jacket can basically be paired with any style. However, if you want to stay true to its motorcycle roots, go black. The jacket itself can come in many different designs. The newest ones usually include an asymmetrical zipper, a combination with other materials on shoulders and sleeves and awesome applications made of metal or jewels. The greatest thing about it is that you can decorate it yourself. The fringes are making their big comeback this year, and they are so cool with this style. Once you’ve selected your leather jacket, it’s time to pair it with tight jeans. The denim can be shabby and washed out, and still go excellent with high heel ankle boots. Since the whole look is dark, minimalistic and a little ragged, you’ll need a perfect top to make a contrast. Now, you can play with glen plaid or buffalo plaid patterns, and unmistakably, animal prints. Tiger, leopard and zebra prints are a brilliant way to make this look sassier. Fur accessories of same prints can provide the equal effect. You can try out various bags, scarves or vests over the jacket. Besides lavish patterns, for a less exaggerated look, make sure to bring out that washed out, baggy T-shirt with a Melvins logo from the back of your closet. Handkerchief hem shirts and clutch sweaters that hang loosely beneath the waist length jacket enhance the relaxed, laid back look that you want to achieve. The aviators are absolutely essential, along with a foolproof fedora. Wherever you go, it will be perfectly clear how much of a wave maker you are.

The bubblegum pop princess

50’s prom style

With the newest She&Him album coming out, you can make your days a little sunnier with a lovely 50’s prom style. It’s all about tulle, babydoll dresses and ruffles. It’s a dazzling, playful look, ideal for hot days and dance parties. With clothes like this, the world is surely a colorful place. The main star of this look is an endearing 50’s dress. And the options are countless! You can pick the classic A-line garment, with a collar shirt on top, tight waistline and ladylike hemline that goes just a little over the knees. It creates an hourglass shape, so you can feel free to emphasize the waist with a large tie. Bateau necklines were also huge back in the days, but if you want to get a bit more coquettish, choose a halter neck. Since the length of the dress is usually longer – you can make it a little more youthful with a bear back model or by showing your shoulders. You can achieve the amazing, frisky look with a wide-lapel folded over a portrait collar that exposes the collarbones. The bottom part is by definition sprung out from the waistline in box pleats, but it can be even more voluminous and volitant with a bubble hem or tulle. The most exciting part of this look are patterns. Basically, everything is allowed, but if you want to keep it traditional – choose polka dots, florets or the unforgettable picnic plaid design. When it comes to accessorizing, you actually won’t need much. You can dust off headbands, ribbons and rubber bands for your long, poofy hair, and of course, the unavoidable mary jains. This look is a lively walk down memory lane, and it will make you a queen bee of every tea party.

A southern state Americana

hippy style

However present lately, we will never go tired of the 1970’s hippie style. Making its revival on Coachella, it has already taken over music festivals all around the world. Even though it can be seen on girls that can’t really tell who Johnny Mitchell was, this melancholic style doesn’t deserve to be dismissed. The summer of love is all about being one with nature, the universe and people, and that makes it our only natural habitat. For a girl with an open heart and an all-embracing soul, the hippie style is the unparalleled way to express with clothes. It’s difficult to crown that one item that will bring other pieces of clothes and accessories together in an overall folklore look. This style is very diverse and unlimited, and its beauty lies within. So, as always, when you are not sure where to start, begin with a hat. The wide brim hat (the wider, the better) can be a soul of the whole outfit, especially when honored with a satin hatband and a vibrant, but natural color. Speaking of which, this style’s palette is the most organic and earthy, going from hot, summer shades to deep, autumnal ones. And you don’t have to be afraid of them! In folklore styles, colors are for mixing and playing with. And when it comes to clothes, do whatever makes you warm inside. Multicolored tunics, tie dyed fabrics and fringed sarongs are just some of the hallmarks of this unique look. If you’re going for the less suggestive approach, you can choose the dreamy, peasant designs that will make you feel like you’re running through the meadow with breeze in your hair. High waist, bell bottom jeans and romantic, flaxy shirts with pintuck pleats and embroidery are so beautiful together that it will truly move you to the long forgotten, native times. And if you want to add that striking cowboy note, find one of those breathtaking gauzy gowns from the era, and pair them with cowboy boots. One brown leather purse more and you’re ready for your meeting with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, just in time for harvest season.

The urban majorette

outerwear lady

With fashion, you can travel back in time and all around the globe. So, if you feel like bringing the marine in the center of London, you can do it with your wardrobe. The nautical theme has been going around for years, and leaving a mark on every bigger trend. It’s strict but cheerful, expressly when combined with looks that resemble parade uniforms. This is an uptown street style, ideal for every modern, metropolitan girl. What’s unquestionably essential for this look is an epaulet jacket. Ornaments borrowed from military uniforms are so chic that most of the time, you won’t need anything else. You can wear it with a simple white T and jeans and achieve the mod appearance you’re looking for. To dive a little deeper into the theme, you should use stripes. The horizontal, breton style of stripes always looks fresh and dapper. The well known tones of the theme are blue, black, white or red. However, the posh version of this style would imply bugle bead stripes, which can be in slightly more extravagant colors like golden and silver. Another flamboyant way to go is a houndstooth pattern. Stripped tops can be followed by swank double waist pants or even harem pants, if you feel peculiarly vogue. Although this look is a little masculine, you can still wear one color dresses decorated with some details appropriate for the topic. Grommets – eyelets with metal circling – dispersed all over the simple, black dress are the high-class way to answer the theme. You can play with chain links, bangle bracelets, large ring earrings and medal brooches as your main accessory items. To complete the look, you’ll need a pair of perfect, high heel stilettos or even knee boots, and a fiery red shade of lipstick on your lips. What a way to be seductive while grocery shopping!

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