Spend or Save: What Is Worth Investing in for Your Home, and What Should You Save On?

Furnishing your new home or apartment can easily become taxing on your wallet. It seems like there are dozens of furnishings, appliances and décor items that you need to have in your home, with these easily adding up to several thousands of dollars. You might think that paying more will guarantee higher-quality products, but could actually end up spending excessively on items where price really doesn’t correlate with quality. On the other hand, you might try to cut corners wherever you can by buying cheap appliances or furniture items, and find that they barely last a year.

To avoid cheap dud products or unnecessarily expensive items, keep reading to find out our recommendations for the home items worth spending on, and those where you can get away with going for a cheaper option.


1. Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture, especially the bed and the mattress, are items that you should most definitely spend on. A good bed is the key to your health and your quality of sleep, so investing in the right bed is really investing your long-term health. Consider quality designer furniture that can last you a lifetime rather than cheap frames and thin mattresses. When it comes to bedside tables, however, you can definitely go for cheap, second-hand items.

2. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are also necessary to invest in, even though it may feel like a burden on your wallet at first. Buying a slightly higher-end refrigerator, for example, is likely to be more energy-efficient and therefore save you money in the long-run. Microwaves and coffee machines are also worth investing in, as they are likely to be heavily used, but perhaps reconsider whether you need something like a dishwasher.

3. Home Office

If you work from home or otherwise heavily use your home office, certain elements of it are well worth investing in. Your desk chair is by far the most important element: it needs to be ergonomic to ensure your comfort and health in the long run. Similarly, your desk also needs to be at the right height for you, which may mean opting for a slightly more expensive desk that works perfectly for you.

However, there is definitely room to save when it comes to kitting out your new office. Organisational supplies and desk décor items can easily be handmade, thrifted or simply bought on sale.

4. Sofa

Your sofa is likely to be the centerpiece of your living room, where your guests and friends can relax. There are plenty of second-hand sofas available online, but many may be rickety or plagued by bed bugs. Instead, choose a classic, neutral sofa from a reputable furniture retailer that is guaranteed to work with whatever décor items you choose.


1. Curtains

Curtains are something that many people may overlook when furnishing their new home. However, you’ll soon learn the importance of them when you find yourself woken up by the sun on a weekend. Thankfully, curtains are something you can make yourself if you have a knack for sewing or can buy for an affordable price from any department store.

2. Plates and Cutlery

There are plenty of beautiful (and expensive) cutlery and plate sets on the market today. However, items like plates and glassware are also the most likely to break due to simple accidents in the home or when you’re moving between homes. Because of this, go for middle-of-the-range plates and cutlery that are high enough quality to last years, but won’t put you out of pocket if you accidentally drop a glass or two.

3. Storage

There is an endless array of beautiful storage shelves, bookcases and cabinets available in shops today that can feel like absolute necessities for your home. It may be tempting to splurge on such a statement piece for your home, but in reality, storage can easily be improvised. Your local dollar store will likely have wicker baskets or metal storage cases that will actually look quite good in most homes. If you require a big storage shelf or bookshelf, check out your local second-hand stores before investing in something from a furniture retailer.

4. Décor


Home décor items are probably where it’s easiest to recklessly spend your money. Statement art pieces, lamps and pillows can all be incredibly tempting and give your home the character it needs. However, you can actually find unique décor items at local markets and second-hand stores, or even make them yourself for a special personal touch – you’d be surprised at how many home décor items are actually easy to make!

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