Suggestions and Ideas for All Kinds of Couples’ Anniversaries

Each anniversary is truly a happy occasion. You have the opportunity to do something nice for a person you love and you get some time to sit down and reflect on your time together. Even though it is a wonderful occasion, it becomes progressively difficult to find an adequate gift for each anniversary. So, in order to help you out, we will list a lot of gift suggestions for this occasion. The gifts will be categorized according to the anniversary you are celebrating.

1st Anniversary

For the first anniversary, you should get something that serves as an embodiment of the timeless nature of love, which is why modern gifts are usually clocks. In the event that you are interested in buying jewellery, you should definitely go with a golden necklace or bracelet.

As far as flowers are concerned, you can go with pansy or carnation. Alternatively you can combine precious materials and flowers and buy your spouse a golden or yellow rose. In case you are looking for some traditional gift suggestions for the first anniversary, you can go with a book, tickets for a special event, or a romantic getaway.

5th Anniversary

Being married for five years warrants a different gift. This anniversary is not only about celebrating your love, it is also about the wisdom you have gained in the past five years of marriage. So, you need to go with something that reflects the depth of understanding you and your spouse have for each other.

A good example for the 5th anniversary is silverware, because its clarity and bright lustre is a symbol of strength and purity that resides in your bond. For jewellery you can buy a precious stone that also has a bright and pure glow, like a sapphire. Daisies are a perfect fit for flowers, and for traditional gifts, you can go with wooden furniture or a wooden sculpture since wood represents wisdom.

10th Anniversary

A decade is not a small period, so the gift should be something that demonstrates incredible resilience, durability, and longevity. For this occasion, you can go with diamond jewellery, since diamonds are an embodiment of fortitude. You should also buy daffodils for this occasion, since they represent many things you have experienced so far, like honesty, forgiveness and faith.

Traditional gifts for the 10th anniversary include tin or aluminium accessories, ornaments, and home items, because these materials are durable and last long.

15th Anniversary

Since 15 years have passed, this anniversary is again about eternal love, happiness, and harmony. Gifts that are good representations of these trains are crystals and roses. Unlike the previous gifts, crystals are not really resilient; in fact, they are fragile, but there is a point to that.

It is a representation of something beautiful, but something that will be broken easily if you are not careful, so it basically means that you have managed to last this long because you don’t take each other for granted and because you are mindful of one another.

For gemstones, you can go with ruby, since it goes nicely with roses. Other gifts you can buy are crystal home items, or ornaments.   

20th Anniversary

After two decades, you really need something that is an even greater monument of strength than tin or aluminium. Also, you need to make sure that it is beautiful and precious. Platinum is the right answer to this question, since it stands for value, strength, and eternity. Furthermore, you can go with something green and precious, like emerald and a flower which indicates a long union, like a lily. Another flower you can select is Aster, since it is a symbol of surprise, love, and patience.

30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary has themes of purity, wisdom, and innocence, and for lasting this long, you should buy gifts like pearls and diamonds. You can also go with something green, but instead of emerald, go with jade; and again, you can go with lilies. A perfect gift though would be a pearl necklace, earrings, or a bracelet.   

50th Anniversary  

Finally, for any golden anniversary, you should undoubtedly go with gold. Again you can choose a golden rose, a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, etc. Most importantly, be happy for sharing such a long marriage and for finding someone who was in fact the right choice. This anniversary is proof of your everlasting and true love.

These are some suggestions that will surely come in handy for many years. It is important to be creative and to listen, because the best gifts are the ones specifically tailored for the person you are with. However, if you cannot find a perfect gift, you can always go with something from this article.

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