The Oldest Hotels in New York City: Quality and Tradition

New York is a very popular destination for both American citizens and international tourists. There are really a lot of things to do and see and it offers a unique atmosphere, which you will certainly enjoy.

While it may be true that New York has always been a place of progress and, throughout the years of its existence, it has progressively evolved, it cannot be said that it is a city that doesn’t look after its tradition. It has kept its heritage through its cultural events, architecture and the general feeling of a multicultural environment that was there from the very beginning.

Every person who enjoys traveling can name at least three reasons why they would like to visit New York. As one of the greater cultural and business epicenters in the world, New York has always been host to a lot of tourists, people passing through or traveling businessmen. All this makes it rather obvious that there is great tradition and professionalism in some of its oldest hotels which have survived many years and are still very much open for guests.

Herald Square Hotel
Herald Square Hotel

19 West 31st Street

As a true historical gem, the Herald Hotel, also known as the home of LIFE Magazine from 1883-1936, has a great blend of modern accommodations and traditional styling. The location is one of the best in New York and it gives you quick access to a lot of interesting sites; after all, it is in Midtown Manhattan. Their prices are very reasonable for this kind of location and service.

The Warwick New York Hotel
The Warwick New York Hotel

Sixth Avenue 54th Street

Also located in Midtown Manhattan, this grandiose establishment will offer you the stay you will never forget. Commissioned in 1926 by William Randolph Hearst, it is located opposite of Ziegfeld Theater and was built using a European style of architecture. The service and room quality is top-notch and you can easily get to any location from this particular hotel.

The Algonquin
The Algonquin

59 West 44th Street

With its hundred-year-old tradition and great devotion, The Algonquin has always been a revered and respected hotel. Envisioned as a center of New York’s literary and theatrical life by Frank Case, it has always lived up to its expectations. The fact that it is within walking distance of the Rockefeller Center and Time Square speaks volumes about the location.

The Jane

The Jane Hotel
113 Jane Street

This establishment was formerly the American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home, built in 1908 and designed William A. Boring. The Jane hotel can proudly state that the survivors from Titanic were sheltered within its quarters. It was also the most popular accommodation with the New York bohemian scene during the 80s and 90s. It has a unique style and provides top-notch services. Another thing that I have to mention is that they have a beautiful website and if you find it interesting, you will definitely have fun getting to know the hotel before you go there, simply by exploring their online presentation.

The Waldorf-Astoria

The corner of Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street

Commissioned by William Waldorf Astor and designed by the famous architect Henry Hardenbergh, the Waldorf –Astoria has been with us since 1893. In all these years, it has never lost its edge and it has always provided its customers with luxuries rooms and apartments, as well as top notch service. The first Hollywood movie to be recorded exclusively within the corners of a hotel was recorded there in 1945 and the name of the picture is Weekend at the Waldorf. It was also a getaway for one of the greatest movie stars in Hollywood history, Marilyn Monroe, and her husband, in 1955.

There is a lot of history in New York and if you really want to experience the city, its deep tradition and spirit, you might want to pick the accommodation that really stands for it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to set aside tremendous amounts of cash to make this reality. The fact that a hotel has been around for nearly a hundred years doesn’t mean that it is expensive. There are more than a few affordable accommodation options in New York offered by businesses that have tradition in hotel management; you just need to find them.

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