Things You Should Know about Your Girl before This Year’s Valentine’s Day

Some ladies have no problem with watching football and drinking beer on the Valentine’s Day, but not all ladies are perfect. Ultimately, all of her unexplainable tears, the hours she spends with her mirror reflection, her blemishes and flaws are what makes her irresistible.

An ideal woman is better than your usual dream girl simply because she’s real. Unfortunately for you, that means that once a year, you have to replace gangster movies for chick flicks and drink champagne instead of beer. Still, it’s all so little and so worthy of her smile.

So, before you start doubting her coolness and fighting with her hormones this February, remember that at the end of the day, she’s only a little girl in a princess dress, hopelessly in love with her rock star poster on the wall. And, here are some other tips to make you understand.

Yes, It’s Important (Even If She Claims Differently)

Let me break it down for you how the Valentine’s Day frenzy starts. If not resistant enough – and rare are the ones that are – your girlfriend slowly starts to fall under the influence of her giggling Sex and the City club. Don’t be surprised, every girl has one, even if she denies it! Once assembled, the club starts talking about the Valentine’s Days long past.

Then, of course, the Carrie Bradshaw of the group tells a story of the perfect romantic present she’s gotten from Mr. Big last year, and your cool, Goodfellas-loving girlfriend starts counting your romantic gestures in her head. And, in a blink of an eye, she realizes that she’s not as appreciated as her girlfriends, though that might not be true at all!

Superficial or not, that’s simply how the female brain works once hearts, Cupids and roses start filling the air. Since she’s clever enough to understand that and self-aware enough to feel ashamed, she’ll tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal. But, don’t get misled, it always is.

Betrayed expectations are what crumbles even the strongest of relationships, and deep down, she’ll expect you to do something sweet and untypical. And sometimes, partnership means putting your lover’s needs in front of your own. So, even if she says she doesn’t want you to bother, do it anyway.

The Less You Overthink It, the Better It Will Turn Out

Now, Valentine’s Day is always a frustrating occasion to plan for, and she knows that. All those rose petals and wine glasses can be confusing, just as the pressure always kills the spontaneity. But, the less you overthink it, the better it will turn out!

You don’t have to go far from your comfort zone, simply do one thing differently. After all, every couple has that one bucket list thing that always stays unrealized for some reason or another, so start with that.

Apart from presents, short, intimate getaways are the best way to celebrate the occasion. Be that a concert she’s always wanted to see, a deluxe cinema with all the mind-blowing effects, a weekend in Prague or a couple’s massage at the spa, a quick road-trip will allow you to unwind and grab a minute or two to be perfectly alone. And that, dear sir, is what a celebration of love is all about.

There’s No Need to Fear the Gift Conundrum

If, however, a trip is out of the question, you’ll have to do your best to express your devotion with a gift. Choosing a perfect present is never, ever easy, particularly if you’re in the early phase of a relationship or you’ve been together for a long time.

In the first case, go for something simple. You probably still don’t know much about her, but you can always comb her Facebook wall and pick a book, a movie or a record. Jewellery and perfumes are both something you can never go wrong with, but only if you’re intuitive enough to match them with her personality.

Another idea is to customize the present or, even better, make it yourself – even when poorly crafted, DIY presents are endearing because they show you’re committed and willing to spend your time and get dirty.

In case you’ve been together forever, choose small tokens of love. There’s a good chance that the both of you have forgotten how to be romantic, which means that even a simple bouquet, a box of her favourite chocolate or a basket of fruit will make her eyes tear up.

Whatever you do, be sure to show you that you still remember who she is and what she loves, and always, always hint a grand gesture if planning one! Let the girl get a haircut and feel amazing before you surprise her with something she’d want to look her best for.

Also, don’t forget that one perfect Valentine’s Day doesn’t atone for a year of accidental neglecting. If you’ve been all over the place for the last couple of months, this is the perfect opportunity to give her your undivided attention, but also a promise that things will change in the future. Your girl is the loveliest girl in the world, and she deserves nothing less.


Jelena Cekic
Jelena Cekic
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