Website Analytics


  • If you need to know how efficient your website is, MyCity-Web can help you with thorough website analytics.
  • Learn about the optimal changes you need to make in order to improve the experience of your customers.
  • Adjust your website to suit the needs and desires of your target audience.

Why is website analytics important?


Having a detailed insight into your website’s performance is probably one of the most important things you need to think about when trying to create a better experience for your customers. Having a well-tuned website will ensure that other SEO campaigns are more successful and that the conversion of prospects into customers becomes a much easier process.

Google Analytics is the primary tool, accessible to anyone, but a detailed analysis of reports is our speciality, and if you need further help with setting and tracking your website’s performance – MyCity-Web will gladly help you.

How can MyCity-Web help you understand your customers better?


Do you want to know what your daily, weekly and monthly traffic is, and what brought your visitors to you? With deep website analysis, we can give you all this information and much more. You will better understand your customer demographics, which can easily help you adjust your business plan and marketing campaigns in order to target them in a much more efficient way.

How can this insight help you understand your website?


Sometimes the simple number of website visits is not enough, and you should find out the average time people spent on your website, and what they visited before they opened your web page. MyCity-Web can also offer detailed reports that will analyse all traffic, as well as track goals and conversions – as well as establish efficient keywords, and make adjustments where needed.


We will also need to test the performance of your website, and where adjustments can be made in order to optimize the load time, and eliminate malfunctioning elements. Our dedicated team of analysts and web developers will test your website inside out and offer unique advice, which you can use to create important changes.


All our advice will be simple and straightforward – and this we can guarantee!

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