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Today, we are doing another hosting service provider review and this one is from Holland. Altus Host, a company with a great reputation and stable support, with puts emphasis on customer service. They have the fastest servers on the market, and (maybe) an equally fast support team. Finding a quality web host provider is no easy feat, and with different newcomers coming and going all over the place, I think we’ve found a reliable partner for your hosting needs.

About them

This company started in 2008, with a goal to provide a high quality managed web hosting service for low fees, with excellent customer support, to ensure maximum satisfaction from each client, which is a good thing in any given situation.  They operate numerous data centers, the biggest being in Stockholm, and one in Amsterdam. They pride themselves in owning every piece of hardware, which is Tier 3 operated at the least, inside suites or cages, and as they say, they do not rent or resell from other providers. Owning all the hardware allows them to directly control every step and operation, ensuing immediate action in case of possible problems and malfunctions. Having over 8.000 clients must mean something, after all. One peculiar thing is that they haven’t sprung out from nothing over night, but instead, have grown over time, with effort and dedication, which is giving results as we speak. They invested considerably in reducing the complicated gimmicks in their services, making buying hosting from them simpler and more straightforward. One of their biggest selling points is a constant, 24/7 working service center, that is always ready to respond to complaints and problems in operating.

What are they offering


The AltusHost offer consists of three main services, Shared hosting, Dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. Shared hosting refers to a shared hosting account. As we said, they own all the hardware and servers and the entire interface, so they have complete control of the speed and reliability clients are paying for.

Shared Hosting

There are three packages, and they are different in price and function. The names are Nano, Pico and Tera, ranging from 4.95$ to 14.95$ per month, depending on the bandwidth and required disc space for the client, ranging from 10GB to 40GB of space and 250GB up to 1TB of bandwidth. Please note that these prices are all based on an annual subscription and reflect a 15 percent discount. All plans include a myriad of included features, such as Cron Jobs, a GD graphics library, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, and more. It is a given – you have 45 days to cancel your subscription, and you will be given a full refund, just because they are very confident in what are they doing and providing.

VPS (Virtual private server) hosting


Packages are divided in two, depending on your operating system, be it Windows or Linux, starting from 19.95$

Virtual private server hosting includes the setup on powerful main nodes with superior connectivity to ensure that each VPS delivers optimum performance and offers the flexibility to run large websites and install third party applications with ease. As far as VPS hosting management is concerned, all VPS Hosting plans are covered with Managed Support. VPS hosting management includes setup, software installation, security monitoring and 24/7 Technical Support which helps customers concentrate more on the growth of their business.  They assure you that your VPS will be delivered 2-24 hours after your order has been confirmed, but the average time is around 3 hours. Virtual private servers will enable you to scale vertically at any time. You will also have full root control to your virtual server, and will be able to reboot from your remote panel. Additional service is available with the purchase of the control panel with your VPS, which will benefit you with 24/7 managed support. You will be able to keep your budget under control, with option to Upgrade/Downgrade VPS at anytime. Of course Altushost’s Professional Technical Support is always online and ready to jump in and help you with any aspect of your VPS at any time.

Dedicated Servers

AltusHost offers 6 levels of dedicated server hosting services, divided into three separate categories, Standard servers, High-end servers, and a special Custom servers.

AltusHost offers a very broad line of dedicated servers from basic to sophisticated with the latest technologies. All of their Dedicated Servers are categorized  to suit any business needs. The system of dedicated servers is managed so you do not have to worry about running your dedicated servers or fixing any problems. What we mean by Managed Dedicated Servers is that AltusHost will take care of the setup of your dedicated web hosting account, troubleshooting with your dedicated server, and everything in between. The managed dedicated hosting service they offer is valuable, because you leave the technicians to worry about your dedicated servers while you focus on growing your business. The setup fee for standard servers is always free with the prices starting from 109.95$ all the way up to 194.95$, while the setup for high-end servers starts at 49.95$ and the prices for the servers themselves are at 359.95$ up to 499.95$



They offer a wide range of services, which got even wider in the last several years, earning them the trust of over 8.000 clients, which should not be forgotten. They put great emphasis on customer support, and I cannot bring that up too many times. They accept numerous payment options (they accept wire transfers, PayPal, Payza, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, and even BitCoin payments).

At the very end, they do seem like an honest business and don’t seem to care about negative comments about themselves, showing just how confident they are in their own abilities and level of knowledge when it comes to what they are doing. They are a young company which can put up a fight with hosting providers who have been around for ages.  If you are looking for a reliable partner and a premium hosting service, you don’t have loads of money to spend, and you require outstanding technical support and someone who will always be there when things start hiccuping, Altus Hosting from Holland is there for you.

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