The Hosting Review: AltusHost vs HostGator

The expansion of the internet changed many things around us. The greatest change it caused is the way people do business, as having a successful business is almost impossible without owning a website. The number of websites is increasing daily and all these websites take some space on numerous hosting servers which are provided by numerous companies around the world. Some of the companies have managed to amass a great number of users whereas other companies are fighting to attract new users. Even though big companies have surely showed great quality when it comes to providing great hosting services, choosing a smaller company may have some advantages for you as a user. I am specifically going to talk about what exactly AltusHost has to offer compared to HostGator.

The Quality of the Hosting Service

As HostGator was created back in 2002, they have been in the business for a long time. Their success lies in the fact that they are offering a quality service. Their servers are online all the time with a couple of exceptions when the company experiences network outages and a mass of users’ sites were affected. Another proof that the company has offered a quality service is the fact that the number of users has seriously grown. AltusHost, on the other hand, is a much younger company which was founded in 2008. Even though they have been on the market for a shorter period of time, their user numbers have steadily been growing to over 10.000 users. This implies that they are also providing an excellent web hosting service. After looking at both companies’ websites, it is clear that AltusHost can provide faster and better dedicated servers. This comes at a price but quality, as they say, is their main goal.



When it comes to basic web hosting plans, surprisingly, HostGator is a bit more expensive. Basic the nano plan offered by AltusHost starts at $4.95 per month, whereas HostGator’s hatchling plan is $7.16 per month. When it comes to dedicated servers in some situations, AltusHost is more expensive but this is due to the newer equipment and higher speeds offered in their plans. Prices seems to differ a little bit but if you need a basic website, AltusHost is the cheaper way to go.

Making the Right Choice

Which of these two hosting is the right one for you? Well, if you need a simple website that will stand for your business any of the two hosting companies will solve your problem, though, AltusHost’s starting plan is cheaper. But when it comes to creating a website that you are going to work on persistently, AltusHost offers great plans which are pricier than those at HostGator but, again, this is due to the higher speed and quality of the equipment they are offering. After looking thoroughly through both web hosting companies’ websites it is hard to make a choice easily. But the next point may break it down for you.

Customer Support


This is the selling point for many companies around the world. Customer support is the most important quality a company can offer, of course, after the product they are actually selling. Being always there for your customers is going to show that you care about the problems they might face while using your service. This is the area in which AltusHost outshines their competition. Even though HostGator support is also good, there are numerous customer reviews online stating that they had to wait for days for the customer support to give them any answer. This made the user’s business suffer and caused great stress for them. On the other hand, customer support is actually available for its users at all hours. This ensures that any problem you might face with your website will surely be taken care of immediately. This is the most important service you may require as a customer, as you are not only paying for hosting, you are also paying an incredible team of people that is there for you at all times.

Both of these companies offer a great service for their users, as you can see from this review. But depending of the intentions you have with your website, one outperforms the other. If you want a simple web presentation where people can find you, you can go with either of the web host providers, but if you plan to do a lot of business with your website, AltusHost is a better solution as it has a much better support team that is online at all times.

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